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New England paint day


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That's one really long road trip...but I'll keep it in mind. It could definitely be made to work...and I'd love any extra chances to try out Warlord 2.


Remember you must now define what you mean by really long roadtrip. Four hours each way? Bah..day trip. 12 Hours to ReaperCon regular road trip, more than 12 hours long road trip. That of course is the western US definition. Out east I thinks its more like 1 hour each way = day trip, 2 hours each way = road trip, 3 hours each way = long road trip.


When I was in Hartford for business I drove down to Mystic for dinner (about an hour), they all thought I was nuts to go that far for dinner I didn't even think about it twice.


When the wife and I were dating, we left one weekend from her folks house on Cape Cod for my parents house in New Hampshire. As we were leaving we were trying to figure out where to go for lunch. We decided on a pasta place in Groton CT.

I've got no issues with taking a drive for a good reason.

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Hey all. It's been a while since we did one of these so I will see if there is interest.


I was thinking that we can have it at my house on Saturday Sept 12. This is 2 months away so I figured that if planning is nessessary this would give enough time.


I have room enough for 6 but I could seat a couple more if need be. If people so desire, I have a pool table that people can game on. I have a few pieces of terrain and many trees and a few hills.


So is there any interest out there?


Count me in too!

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They do but their daughter, who's two years old, does not. I'll ask if they're interested, but not if they mind me skipping off to paint. It'll be their first full day in Maine and since I don't exactly live in a big city (or town for that matter), they'll need me around to play tour guide.

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I've spoken with my friends so you can put down Helltown +1 on the attending list for now. Once more details of their trip get hammered out will determine whether we can actually make it down or not. Nothing really hinges on me, I've got people to cover the store while they're here, but they may have some sights they want to see that are only available on weekends etc...


So.. there's the solid answer. Maybe.

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