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03361: Dark Elf Queen


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My caption for this figure would be "Get over here and start grovelling!" :devil:






This is another one that I painted for Reaper to have, like the owl-shield paladin from a few months ago. She took 10-12 hours of painting, plus a few more for prepping, assembly, and basing. When I was shooting the photos last night, the camera showed me a bump on her left cheek and a problem with her upper lip, so I retouched those. (Hmmm... now I see a little bump on her right cheek.) The figure has a lot of fine detail and I wasn't sure what was what, but I referred to a copy of Talin's concept art, which ReaperRon had given me.


I sculpted the two spiders on the base. Sandra Garrity put spiders on the bases of her dark elves from the earlier days of DHL, so I've carried on that precedent whenever I've painted a Reaper dark elf that hasn't already had its own spider. I raised a few of the legs of these two spiders, to make them appear to be walking, but they wouldn't be castable like this. I considered painting them with bright colors or patterns, but I defaulted to a basic shiny black with red eyes and some red/purple glazing on the legs and mouths.


The rocks on the front of her base are warmer-toned than the ones on the back, since I wanted to make the front advance and the back recede, but I think the difference is a little too stark. I might tone down the front rocks a bit.


Also, the freehand on the back of the right sleeve is also a little more rigidly gridded than I would like -- the freehand is supposed to be loose and weblike -- so I might redo it.




(PS: If you haven't seen the teal-dressed version that Jennifer Haley painted, go check it out at http://www.paintrix-miniatures.com.)

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I'm curious, when you find imperfections like bumps...are these just uneven surfaces or dust specs/hairs (I get those a lot). Do you end up picking them off or? I'm trying to get smoother finishes but I'm plagued with weird and uneven deposits all the time. Especially vexing on faces. Do you have any suggestions, tips, or tricks for maintaining a smooth surface?




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Awesome as always, Derek. Thanks for sharing.


As it stands, I'm not seeing too stark a difference on the base, but since we can't really see the whole base at once right now, I might be totally wrong. I will say I love the headdress; I know it's not one of the major technical parts of painting this mini, but something about what you did with it just keeps pulling my eye.


And I second the request for a Derek's Eyes Tutorial. Please?

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