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Rescue at Rivenroar

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You make your way through the crowd of soldiers & militia men, making your way to the commander. You've heard of Lord Warden Harrik Orenna, but actually never have seen the man up close. The man is in his early 60s, he has a Colonel Sanders style goatee & his hair is short & bright white. He is dressed in half-plate with a shield bearing the town crest of Brindol & the crest of his position. Sadly the man is more figurehead then actual ruler of the city, with the city rulership tied to the council. Orenna is just the public figure, but one the city follows.


"Greetings, Brannor, son of Erathis, & Kannite." he gives you a salute to the chest.


"Your expertise is welcomed, that is for sure, thou right now it's odd the raiders left the city but have amassed here & are now just waiting. I don't know what they will do next or why, as they were in the city & had caught us off-balance, but we were getting the upper hand on them." He strokes his chin before containing, "hmmm maybe you & you companion can be helpful again, Sir Brannor. Take some men to the east bridge & make your way around to where their ar...."




The sound of a orcish or some other humanoid horn can be heard in the forest beyond the the gathered humanoids. As soon as the horns stops, the torches & the gathered army disapates into the forest beyond, the torch lights all but winkering out, as the humanoids relying on their night vision & acute senses to move through the dark woods.



"HOLD MEN of BRINDOL!!!!!" the Lord Warden shouts to his men "NO ONE ADVANCE!!!"





"It appears that the attack is over" Watcher says to you Akaru


"The combined might of the city was too much for them. Cowards."




10-15 minutes pass before the Lord Warden gives the all clear signal. He tells some high ranking officers to keep men at the bridges just in case they return, also send some men over the bridges to scout the area just in case they return. He turns to the party,


"My men say that you & your party were very helpful tonight, taking down a ogre in the streets. That is no easy feat. You have my gratitude." He gives the party a salute.


"Hey it's the warriors from the Antler!!" one of the gathered militia man says shouts to you. He comes over to the Brannor & shakes your hand saying thank you for saving his life & the lives of his friends. He continues on down the party.


"Well looks like your reputation has proceeded you tonight." Lord Warden Orenna says to the party, before issuing a couple more commands before trotting off on his horse, in the direction of the Brindol Keep. The gather militia breaks up as well, returning to their homes or business. You even see some of the taverns & inns start back up like the raid never even happened. The remaining soliders man their posts & keep a watchful eye to the North.


Elsewhere, in the city the remaining fires are put out, the dead are gathered & are taken to the churches or cemeteries, in preparation of burial. Life goes on in Brindol. The only remaining people in the Market Square that are not guards are Brannor, Kaanite, Grins like Hyena, Akaru & Watcher.

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Akaru takes note of the fact that every other person in the square seems to be either moving purposefully homeward or is part of the regular town guard. Only a few other persons remain who are not, and so she walks over to greet them. She thinks they are probably also newcomers to the city and like her are probably unsure of their upcoming night's lodgings.


"The town is safe now.", she initiates smalltalk as she approaches the circle of men.


I am Akaru of.... ", she begins, but halts her words upon getting a good look at Kaanite. She looks him over, but upon being certain that she and he have never met, resumes her introduction. "I am Akaru. I came to learn magic. You too have come from far away?."


She allows them the chance to respond before cutting to the chase.


"Where in this town can I rest a night?"

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Brannor nods to the halforc. "I am Brannor. You have my thanks for heeding the call to defend Brindol from the Hand. I reside at the Temple of Erathis. The tavern I would have recommended recently suffered some fire damage due to the Hand, but the rooms may still be undamaged if you do not mind the smell of smoke. The fire seemed to be contained to the taproom."


"Does anyone else find this entire afternoon extremely odd? The Hand had a means to enter the city, in force, and successfully terrorized the citizens of Brindol. An army was amassed at our gates. And then they retreated into the night. I wonder what it was they were truly after. There is an intelligence behind these beasts' actions this time, which is unsettling."

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"Could be that they were testing the city...looking for weaknesses?", Akaru answers, or rather, asks the other half-orc. "Let us hope they found none."


"Brannor, it has been a long day. If the tavern you know still has walls and a roof, I will be glad to sleep there.", she says. "Is it far?"

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To Akaru, "That depends entirely on what you consider a long journey. I do not find it to be a long walk. Since you have come from far away, I would guess that you would not find the walk too far as well."


"Sir," Brannor speaks to the warforged. "You have been silent thus far. What is your name? Thank you as well for rising to defend Brindol."

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The warforged speaks up for the first time in the group


"Forgive me, Brannor, my mind was elsewhere. I am Watcher. I arrived in the city earlier today & also heeded the call to defend the bridges. Where I was in the city, there wasn't much action from the humanoids, but I followed the sounds of panic from the people, till I came upon a party of hobgoblins that were destroying property & other structures. They didn't reach their kind across the river."


"I'm not sure why they would just retreat from the city, maybe there wasn't that many, it just appeared there were allot? They could have snuck into the city somehow & then ambushed areas to make it look like they had numbers? Maybe, they realized the city was a more formidable foe & they lost their edge? I'm not sure."


(btw the Antler & Thistle is just a place for drinking & other meriment, it's not a inn. There are close inns near the square thou)

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"There are a number of inns near the square, if you wish to follow me. I don't have any that I can recommend since I have never had a need for such accommodations within Brindol."


"So you two have recently travelled here. What brings you to Brindol?"

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Akaru answers to Brannor. "This is my first day in the city. I have heard much about the College of Ioun. I would like to study magic there. It is my bad fortune that the city is attacked before I get that chance."


"I have no friends or relations here.", she says, addressing the group as a whole. "Would any of you join me for some food and drink at one of the inns Brannor speaks of?"

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"It's a good name..Kaanite.", she responds, feeling suddenly way out of her element and wishing she had something better to say than what she is about to say.


"How long have you lived here?", she pries..all the while trying to guess his age. It also occurs to her that she has been around humans and away from her own kind for far too long.

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Kaanite looks up at the sky for a moment as if to judge the passing of time then looks down as if to ponder said passing deeply.


I'd say I've been here the better part of one day, but don't let the scenery fool you, this place has its charms. The Hand for example, did you know that not far from here, they were thwarted in an attempt to burn the very tavern I was just getting ready to have a meal in... those bastards. I... hurt... several of them for that mistake, and I still didn't get my food.

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Akaru recalls her wee battle with three goblins, then nods agreeingly.


"I fought three tonight. I took two arrows. I wish to find that goblin again and return them to him."


She then asks Watcher, "How many did you fight tonight?"

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