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Rescue at Rivenroar

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Seeing the opportunity to gain a new benefactor or at least get a proverbial toe into the doors of the College of Ioun, Akaru gladly volunteers.


"If you mean to send us out against The Hand, I hope to prove myself worthy of your confidence...... for the good of the people of this great city." She adds the last words on quickly in the interest of trying to make herself appear less concerned with her own self-interests.

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The LW looks you over, Akaru & says


"In a way, yes I am sending you against this new adversary. I'm not going to say "the Hand" just yet. The horde that use that name before is a enemy that stirs up tremendous emotion in probably everyone in town, epically to yours truly." The man pauses, before continuing "You see, I lost a son in one of the assaults that happened that day, 10 years ago. He was doing his duty as a city guardsman & defending but the memory is still fresh in my mind."


"I'm sorry for your lost, your Lordship." Brannor says. Watcher stays silent.


"Thank you, young paladin, I appreciate that gesture."


The LW goes over to the table & reaches for a item next to it. It is a battered metal shield. It appearance is humanoid make, on the shield is a large painted hand print. "See this is how the cretin held this, the hand points downward. Now the Red Hand horde that invaded Brindol before, the hand would have pointed up. They might be related or not, I'm not sure."


"The reason I summoned, Sir Brannor & the rest of you here so quickly was I learned the raid was a cover up to mask what the main purpose of why they were here."


"Citizens of Brindol were kidnapped, as were some artifacts stolen from the Hall of Great Valor." he pauses to see your reactions & then continues.


"Why this people were taken, I'm not sure as they appear to be random takings & why the artifacts were stolen I have no clue, as they weren't powerful items, nor were they valuable items. They hold more sentimental value then anything."



The LW looks at each of you & says


"Surprisingly, the hobgoblin that held this shield still lives. We have him in custody now. I'd let you talk to him but I must determine what your heart is in this matter. I don't want mercenaries. Those are a dime a dozen. What I want is warriors & spellcasters that will put their life for their fellow man before their money pouch!"


He awaits your responses.


Brannor is the first to speak.


"My Lordship, you know my heart & my soul is dedicated to Erathis & to this city. The priesthood & then the Paladinhood took me after my family was decimated in that battle 10 years ago & thus I only fight for one thing, you have my sword."


With that the paladin, pulls his blade from it's sheath, he bends down onto one knee & pledges his allegiance to the LW.


"If I have to fight this new army by myself, I will."


Watcher still stays silent, observing what transpires next.

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Akaru looks at the battered shield and appears to ponder a moment.


/ Brannor /

"If I have to fight this new army by myself, I will."


"I will go with you. It is the right thing to do.", Akaru replies, diplomatically. "Are they asking for ransom?"

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"And you, warrior?" the LW says to the warforged


"Pardon me, Lord Warden, if I come across as rude, but I was made to be a mercenary, my previous company was a mercenary/borderland patrol band, the Watchers. I will go along but I expect to be paid for my services."


"I hate to hear that but of course I understand where you are coming from as well." he says in response. "I'm also glad that the rest of you are in for the original reason. I will say thou, that I will try come up with something to comenstate you for your time & service to the city. Now we or I should you can go see the hobgoblin."


"Jarius?" he says & a man appears from anther room


"Yes, your Lordship?" Jarius says.


"This is Jarius, my personal assistant, he will take you to the hobgoblin"


The man leads the party out from the room & down a few hallways & up a flight of stairs. As you walk the man starts up a conversation with you.


"The hobgoblin, Morrik is what he is called hasn't said much, more grunts & growls then anything. He is locked up in the stocks beyond the door here. There are two guards that are outside, they shouldn't be a problem to get past, just tell them you are here on behalf of the LW. I'll be waiting here for your return."


Just as Jarius said, there’s a lone hobgoblin in stocks and shackles here. His wounds from last night’s battle have been bandaged, but a number of tomatoes on the ground near him and on the surface of the stocks indicate that his treatment hasn’t been completely kind. He takes one weary look at you and says in rough common,


“I ain’t saying nothin’ unless you people let me go!”


There are 2 guards nearby but they appear to be in conversation & appear to ignore the hobgoblin, just as the party is about to move a farmer comes up with a basket of rotten produce & shouts at the hobgoblin


"Your kind destroyed my crop, so here you can have it!!!" & he throws a piece of fruit which smashes into the hobgoblin's face. The guards do nothing. The farmer throws anther before leaving.


"I will go & talk to the guards." Brannor says & he walks over to the men


"Good morning, gentlemen, we are here on behalf of Lord Warden Harrik Orenna & wish to converse with the hobgoblin, Horrik. We wish to gather information."


"Oh really?" one says to the Brannor. How do I know you just haven't been hiding around here & you acquired the thing's name?"


"Yah & from the company you keep you might be in leagues with it?" The other says upon seeing Akaru, Kaanite & Watcher.


"I assure my intentions are truthful. My name is Sir Brannor (something) & I'm part of the Holy Order of Erathis, these are my friends, Kaanite, the ranger. Akaru, the wizard & Watcher, the warrior. We fought against the raiders last night."

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Akara does not fail to notice the rotting tomatoes and draws a pretty quick conclusion about the farmer's motives even before the man launches his assault on the hobgoblin.


Her dislike of that sort of behaviour slightly outweighs her dislike of hobgoblins, and she pays the farmer back by performing a little cantrip that hopefully will cause the seat of his breeches to appear as though he was unable to make it to the bogs in time.


If the cantrip works, she flashes a mischievous grin toward the hobgoblin, says in a discreet voice, "I could do this all day long", then nods toward one of the guards.


Keeping her own diplomatic distance from the guards, she watches for any signs of potentially more dangerously hostile hecklers among the passers-by.


Meanwhile she hopes Kaanite's plan is better than hers, because hers is pretty weak. She waits to see if the guards agree to allow the questioning.

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(& just when we were getting the game going again. Hopefully I can con err get a couple more people to join up at RCON).

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Your spell is successful. As the farmer walks away, he starts to grab the back of his pants, while saying, "I shouldn't have eaten that chili last night fer dinnah!!"


The hobgoblin does take notice of the spell thou.


Finally, the guards ease up on Brannor


"Eh, were just kiddin yah yer lordship." one says while other one laughs it up. All the while, the young paladin takes it all in stride, his voice & demeanor not budging.


"Thank you for service." he says as he returns to the group


"Alright, they will let us talk with the hobgoblin."

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"You have nothing to say until they let you go?", Akaru asks the hobgoblin, summoning up her best false sincerity as she does so. Then, addressing her friends, she heaves a theatrical sigh of dispair.


"Now what do we do. They will not let him go unless he tells what he knows..and he will not tell us anything until they let him go. And we know how they are." She pauses, pretending to glance over her shoulder for 'them'. "It is not like them to even think we know something they do not.". She directs that sentence more toward Kaanite.


"Or maybe it is that he does not know anything at all. He is just a hobgoblin. They just follow orders and fight anybody who gets in their way. And for that reason, they will probably just kill him." She faces the hobgoblin and tries to appear sad for his fate.


"Tell me, Morrik.", she says with a hint of the same mischievous smile from a few moments ago. "How many did you get before they got you?"

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Brannor moves towards the hobgoblin and begins to clean up the rotten fruit and vegetables littering the floor.


[speaking in Goblin] "Your people slaughtered my family so I have no love lost for your kind, but listen well, because we may be your best last chance for any hope of freedom.


[speaking in Common] "Even if you did kill people of this city you are a soldier and were following orders. A soldier does not deserve this type of abuse. You know we cannot let you go. We can try to improve your conditions here. At least prevent the abuse. If you cooperate, the only freedom we can likely grant you is an honorable and quick death. A soldier's death. You did commit murder in this city. That will not be ignored. On the other hand, you can refuse to cooperate, and we can walk away now, and you can be penned in this cell and treated like a beast or a slave."


[speaking in Goblin]"The decision is yours to make. I do not intend to threaten you. I am simply telling you the reality of your situation. I will not beat you for the information, nor will my companions. I will not tolerate it. You can either cooperate and be granted an honorable death, or refuse and continue to suffer.


Diplomacy check: d20 +11 = 23




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"I never wanted to learn Goblin", Akaru says to Kaanite, noticing his confused look. Then she speaks in her own native language. "It is an ugly speech...like a yapping dog with a mouth full of mud". Then she switches back to the common tongue. "I wonder what they are saying."

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