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Rescue at Rivenroar

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The hobgoblin looks at your Akaru & says "I see your more human then orc, she'ling, but I will honor you & say thank you for ridding myself of that human. Unfortunately, I didn't kill anyone, I was only told to damage your b'ildins & other proper'tees." with that he gives a slight smirk.

(This is actually a 4.0 Skill Challenge, but for this one I'm gonna run it in the way everyone's responses/posts go--so far you've gained 1 success for "helping the hobgoblin by getting rid of the farmer")


Other then what he told you about the damages to the city, he doesn't give up anymore info thou.............


.......till Sir Brannor's conversation in goblin


speaking in goblin he replies


"I see you are one of the intelligent humans & have learned the tongue of my people, good for you, it will help you when your people go to war with Sinruth's Hand. Sinruth will raise the banner of the Red Hand high above your ramparts in time!"


He switches to Common for the rest,


"I see you also are a warrior like myself & I will give you this info & a way to repay you for your kindness. My leader, Sinruth makes his camp in the catacombs under the ruins of what your people call Castle Rivenroar. As I said I was ordered to damage your structures, this was to cause a distraction for our real purpose & that was to take prisoners to feed the undead creatures that lair inside those catacombs. Why my leader doesn't just kill these creatures I have no idea, but I am only a grunt, a warrior in the Red Hand."


As your recall, the LW did say people were taken from the city last night. You ask him about the stolen treasures that the Lord Warden also described.


"I know nothing of those, probably treasure that Sinruth wanted for himself or maybe the undead, I have no idea. Again, I live to fight."

(with Sir Brannor's Diplomacy check a success, this grants you 2 success in a row & you win the skill challenge!)


The guards hear your conversation & say


"The only honorable death he'll get is if he survives the trial!"


The other ones adds


"Yah, the only reason he is even hear is so people can get a few light licks in on him, nothing that won't hurt 'im as the authorities want him healthy to stand for that trail, Cowardly dog!"




If you hand me something to write with & paper I will draw you a map to the old castle, if the guards will free my hands. I am no threat, you have word of honor on that."


One guard starts to say something but the other stops him & reaches for a ring of keys, he unlocks the stock, allowing Morrik free to move, thou his feet are bound by a thick chain & padlock.


"Eh, like he said, he can't do nothing, besides Orders of the Lord Warden, remember." he says to the other one.


The other guard just rolls his eyes & walks away, he keeps a eye on the scene thou.


Someone hands Morrik a piece of charcoal & some parchment & he sketches out a very crude map, showing the way to the Castle Rivenroar. You see a path into some mountains the ruins lie somewhere among the mtns. Probably the clearest information thou is when he adds the name, Red Rock & a dot on the bottom of the page.


Red Rock is a town at the base of The Giant's Shield mtns northeast of Brindol.

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Akaru takes in all Morrik has to say, at least the portion she can understand. Something gives her the feeling he knows more than he is letting on though. When he draws the map, she watches, her suspicion growing.


"You draw a good map.", she says to Morrik. "Mapmakers are most valuable in any army. Anybody can bash down doors and set fires."


At that point it dawns on her that he may yet have even more up his sleeves. She begins paying extra attention to what he does with his hands, it being likely he is much more than some grunt, and it being that to any magic user, a free empty hand is more dangerous than a hand wielding any weapon of steel.

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She then asks Morrik the same question in different words...and this time in the Giants' language.


{giant}"Do you know the language I speak? The guards do not. Is there more you need to say? You can say it freely now."{/giant}

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"I'm telling the truth,I'm just a grunt that was ordered to pillage your town!" the hobgoblin says as he get angry. His fist clench up but the way he is chained he can't move & just stands their fustrated. When I say crude, the map is pretty crude, something that a 5 year old human child would "draw" out. Really the only thing that even makes it's a map is name of the town.


Watcher (who magically shape-changed to a Goliath *more on this in the Gathering*) says. "He appears to be right, there are ruins among the mtns in that area. We could travel to Red Rock & then see if we could pick up the band of humanoids' trail beyond that."

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"Nobody said you were not.", Akaru replies. "But this map will be helpful. There are many who do not know where they are going or where they have been. Where I come from, those become grunts and only know how to follow others. You know the kind I mean."


She tries to keep her stream of thought as she sees what has happened to Watcher.


Continuing her questioning, "Have you ever been in the catacombs you speak of? What might we find besides the undead?"

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[Common] "When my family died at the hands of his kind, I made it a point to know the tongue of my sworn enemies. In time, I have come to realize that his race are individuals just as ours, and their morals are different than our own."


[Goblin] "Thank you Morrik. Do you wish your trial? I can assure you that you will be found guilty, and as such put to death. I will speak to the Lord Warden about granting you that justice immediately."


[Common] "Jarvis, if you have been following this discussion, please bring my terms with the Hobgoblin Morrik to the Lord Warden. He has cooperated. We all know the trial is just a show. I would grant Morrik his sentence now. He has earned it, both for his crimes committed, and for his cooperation now. Keeping him here serves no further purpose but to feed the hate within our walls. There are far greater issues at hand."





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"I can't tell you much about the catacombs as I didn't explore much of them, really there isn't much to tell actually. Just a few rooms of stone & those cursed undead that roam them. I will say thou a common symbol I noticed was a open eye symbol. I'm not sure if it was lords of the castle crest or something else."


The guard looks to you, Sir Brannor.


"I will do as you ask, but I highly doubt it will help. The raid did do damage to the town & council & the people will want justice for it." He locks Morrik back into the stock & he explains to the other guard to stay & guard the hobgoblin. The guard then goes inside, apparently to see the LW.


Watcher says


"If the raiders are heading back to this castle, then they should have left a trail or something to follow. I suggest we leave & find it before it gets to cold, epically if for the prisoners they have taken, if you know what I mean."


"Is anyone skilled in being in the wilderness?"


(btw Watcher is a barbarian instead of a fighter as well, he has told you (when he first met you (last night) he came from a mtn range far from here after his Goliath tribe was wiped out during a raid by a large band of gnolls. Over the years he has made his way by being a mercenary for hire & a sellsword. Just a update on this npc)

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Kaanite looks over at Watcher


I'm a decent tracker, not that we should need it. As large as that group was that retreated from here, it should be plain as day to follow their tracks. However with each day that passes those tracks do grow colder, perhaps we shouldn't wait around unnecessarily.

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"I have no difficulties being in the wilderness. Provided a woodsman accompanies us, " Brannor grins, and in that moment his youth shines through. But just as quickly, his serious mien returns. "I have no doubt that Kaanite's skills are more than adequate for the task at hand. Although I am fairly comfortable in the wilds as well. I thought it wise to know that which my Lord seeks me to tame."



[OOC] Knowledge Religion check = d20+5 = 7. Knowledge History check = d20 +0 = 1.

Okay this new set of dice just SUCKS I want my money back Chessex!!!

I am guessing that is more than sufficient to fail and fail miserable, but if it isn't just let me know Randy. Like if it's so bad that I have bad information laugh.gif [/OOC]

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(Sir Brannor--- make a History Check & I'll see what the outcome of it before I reply to your Religion check)



"Good to know that, Kaanite." Watcher says

In giant "btw, I speak the language of the giant-folk, myself, helps to know your allies & enemies where I come from."


(back to common)"And yes the group was big but they may disperse as the venture into the wilderness, you know how humanoids are. They band together if there is single goal, like damage a human city but once they are on there own, who knows what they'll do. Also, from Morrik's information it sounds like this Sinruth was not part of the raid."

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I have everything I need for the journey + I can also provide in case we need to live off the land. The town of Red Rock isn't far, I'm not that concerned with that part of the journey. It's the trip into the mountains that I'm more worried about." Watcher says.


As everyone is pondering the next move, the guard that was friendly to Sir Brannor come back outside, he is carrying a couple of bags, with the way the jingle, it appears to be coins.


"The Lord Warden says go with whatever plans you have made, also Morrik will come inside for now but he still has to stand trial but there is really nothing he can do it's up to the Council choice." the guard says.


Also he says "The Lord Warden is providing the following coins for your journey. Make use of them in whatever you need. There is 200 gold crowns." He hands the bags to Sir Brannor.


Sir Brannor, you not sure of what the eye means, its probably a symbol of knowledge "ie the All-seeing eye...) or possibly something to ward off evil spirits.

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