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Rescue at Rivenroar

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You swing the doors open & inside the tavern is pretty much your standard tavern. There is a staircase off to the side that goes up to some rooms that are on the 2nd floor. You find this surprising since most taverns don't offer rooms, only full fledged inns (my setting taverns & inns are for the most part separate buildings/businesses). There are a few items on the walls - a shield bearing a broken horned helm, a large boar head, a few weapons & tapestries depicting dwarven items as well.


The main floor has a bunch of wooden tables & chairs, along with a long bar. There are probably 15 patrons inside, mostly chatting & drinking but a few are playing cards. A female dwarven bartender is wiping out some mugs when she sees you.


"Welcome to the Drunk'n Gnome!," she shouts over to you "Have a seat!"


A couple of the patrons turn to see who has entered the tavern, but none look more then a few seconds before they return to doing whatever they were doing before.


After having a seat, you see a couple of servers are manning the tables. One comes over (a male dwarf) & asks for your order.

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"Ale please, and whatever you're serving for lunch [OOC: Or dinner depending on the time]"

Brannor thinks to himself, "Maybe this meal will be eaten without the interruption of torch wielding goblins. If those beasts show up again, I may never dine at a tavern again."


After the server leaves with the orders: "After we eat, I'm going to have to stop by the local temple. Perhaps while you are getting a feel for the town and seeking sign of our friends' passage, I can speak with both my elders at the temple, and notify the mayor of our arrival and intentions. Provided of course, this meal lacks interruption by torch bearing goblinoids."



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"And I'll have the same.", Akaru adds, after Broannor gives the serving-dwarf his order.


"This is not like Brindol.", she observes in a murmur with a small sigh. "I might seek out a shrine..do not expect there will be a library..." She begins thinking aloud, very deliberately. "Might there be a place or person in town from whom a student can learn this ...fascinating town's history?" She hopes somebody local will overhear her question to her friends and not sense that she is just aggressively nosing in on local affairs.

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The dwarf takes your order & goes to the bar. He then hands the note to the bartender, who in turn hands it to a gnome. The gnome disappears into the back.


As you are talking a person near the table does stand up & comes over to your table. "If yer new in town, you'll find yer answers at city hall." the man says. He then leaves the tavern.


After a few minutes, the gnome shouts "Order up!" The same dwarf-server takes the meal to the table, "4 silver please" he says with his hand out after he places the meal on the table.


After receiving payment (I assume you pay him :rock: ), he leaves & attends other patrons. You enjoy the meal (btw it's lunchtime or so), its simple but filling, as are the drinks. They help refresh your body after the long walk from Brindol. As you continue to eat, more people enter the bar & have a seat, but surprisingly, there are no hobgoblins or goblins to interrupt your meal this time.

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Akaru nods at Kaanite. "Could be worse. Could be burnt." She cracks a grin for a moment at her own joke, then gets more serious.


"Do either of you want to come to the town hall after we eat? And will we be staying the night here also?"

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Akaru finishes off her ale and recounts a story.


"I had a cousin who they say went out in the wilds after dark with a dwarf and two gnomes. They got attacked by giant spiders, wolves, and then more wolves. They fought until only she was left, but she could not hold the wolves off for long. In the end she was eaten, and then shat over a cliff. The fall killed her. Nobody survived the journey to say it happened any differently, so I know it must be true."


After lunch, Akaru will go to the town hall in hopes of learning any news of recent raids, goblinoid or otherwise.

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Watcher responds to your tale, Akaru


"Yes I think we have all had relatives or friends that were adventures meet untimely fates. One of my first adventuring groups unfortunately had a couple of incidents. Our rogue, a elf, was out scouting & got jumped by a group of goblins. Mind you we were inexperienced & young. The other had a wizard like yourself get caught in a pit trap with spikes at the bottom. Pretty grisly end if you ask me."


As the meal is being finished--


"Alright then, check the record, Akaru & see if you can find anything on this Rivenroar Castle. You might also find something about the family as well, never know what might be actually up there. I will secure the rooms, after I do that I will go into Tent-town & see what I can find there, never know might be a few rangers or hunters that have stumbled onto this trail the hobgoblin mentioned. Sir Brannor, go to your church & do what you need to do. Best to get any help now before anything happens.


With that party splits up & go their separate ways into town, with Watcher heading toward the tents of the miners. The main road in Red Rock isn't paved but hardened dirt that has been compacted over the years of many travelers & residents. You make your way up the road together until the intersection that goes to the church of Erathis, this is where Sir Brannor splits from the party. Akaru & Kannite, you head down the street towards the the steps of the town hall.


Sir Brannor-


You make you way down the street, you can see there are various shrines & small churches dedicated to the other faiths of the Known World, but the one that dominates is the Church of Erathis, a large half circle in the shape of a gear carved out of wood hangs out front. There is a set of double doors that you pass before entering the common worship room. This room dominates the interior of the building. There are many rows of pews, there are also windows near the ceiling, every other one has a stained blue glass symbol of Erathis on it. There is a central stage with a large podium (again the symbol of Erathis is carved & painted blue on it), behind it is curtain. The room is empty but after you get to about halfway down the pews a older man comes through the curtain, he is carrying a large jug. "Eh?" he says as he sees you. "Oh I thought I heard the doors open. Welcome, may I help you?" he says, adjusting his glasses a bit to get a better view of you.


"Oh?!" he says, "A holy warrior for Erathis! Welcome, welcome, please come forward!." the old man says as he gestures you toward the stage.



Akaru, Kannite-


The town hall is big but nothing like you would see in a larger town. The building a big & built into a small hill that the town sits around. It has a large dome on top (looks like the Jefferson Memorial) & it is made of stone. There is a set of stone steps that lead up to a large set of wooden double doors. There are no guards outside.


Opening the doors leads you into a small foyer, there is no one here. There is also a couple of doors in this room (one straight across from you & anther off to the side). Seeing that one is just a side room, you try the one across from you & it opens up to a small hallway, there are various pictures on the walls, along with a couple doors on each side wall, along with a door on the far side across from you. These mostly show painting of humans, but there is one dwarf. All have that ruler-like aura to them (the way they are posed & what the person is wearing), along with their name & years of rulership. There is a older painting of two humans, a male & female (most likely a married couple) along with 2 young children as well among the town ruler pics. The picture you can see is old, the clothing they are wearing is severely outdated. The male has long hair that is pulled back & a small regal like goatee. The woman is wearing a full dress. The 2 children (both boys) are dressed in fine clothing as well.


As you are looking at the pictures, the far door opens & a middle aged woman carrying a couple of books. She has glasses & her dress is plain but of moderate quality. When she sees you she says


"Welcome to town hall of Red Rock, can I help you?"

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Brannor bows his head in respect to the priest. "Greetings Father."


Before he takes the dias, Brannor kneels before the altar and spends a minute in silent prayer, thanking Erathis for the safe journey and for allowing him to serve the people of Brindol by driving the threat of the Hand from their lands once again, keeping the countryside safe for the populace.


Rising, Brannor steps onto the dias and clasps the old priest's hand warmly. "Good day Father. I have just arrived here from Brindol. Are you free to talk?"

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"Why yes, young warrior. I was just moving some stuff that is all. Worship in Red Rock has been a bit slow these days but I try to keep the temple clean & tidy at all times." the old priest says.


"Ah, where are my manners, my name is Joren Willowsap, I am the intern head here at the temple but I'm afraid that I will be the head priest as our high priest has vanished. Mallek Williams was his name. He went into the hills after hearing about a young girl that ran into the woods. She had gotten into a fight with her parents over something & Mallek knew the girl & wanted to talk with her. That was over a week ago. I'm afraid someone or something has taken his life." Joren says.

(was waiting for others to respond, sorry for the delay)

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