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Rescue at Rivenroar

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Grins like Hyena


You call forth your faithful spirit companion. The creature immediately readies itself for action & with it's presence you summon more ghostly spirits that surround the hobgoblin near the broken table. The spirits howl madly as they swirl around the hobgoblin. Surprisingly thou, the hobgoblin's will doesn't bend & submit to the ghostly attack & the effect ends.




You were here just for a few drinks & some rest from your studies when these mongrels burst into the tavern. Why this one, why tonight you say to yourself as you shut a book you somehow grab when you left your room at the College of Ioun. (Game note #6 The Red Door Inn is now the Antler & Thistle Tavern) You stand up angrily & utter a short magical phrase, while holding your staff aloft, one you've used many times before. The slivery bolt leaps from you hand & almost instantaneously smacks the hobgoblin (#4) square in the chest. There is a slight flash as the bolt impact the creature & it utters a grunt as it falls to the floor dead!! Satisfied, you decide to focus on the remaining ones still alive, that is until........


(ROUND #1 combat notes #1 & #3 are alive, #2 & #4 are dead)


ROUND #1 end; ROUND #2 start


new combatants!!


Goblin & 3 more hobgoblins pour into the tavern.


Goblin will act on Intiative 8 (he will act before Valken due to his DEX is higher)

Updated Iniaitive Order:

20 hobgoblins

11 Kaanite

8 Goblin (Higher DEX)

8 Valken

7 Brannor

6 Sturdy Oak

4 Grins Like Hyena

3 Calendor


As everyone starts to breathe a sigh of relief with the 2 hobgoblin deaths & only 2 more to go, 3 more of the brutes rush into the tavern from the same door, while a goblin holding a lit torch enters from the backdoor of A4!!


Hobgoblin #5 enters the bar & rushes in & engages Kaanite in melee combat! (M7) It swings it's rusty longsword at the half-orc but misses badly, prompting the hobgoblin to let out a disappointing grunt!


Hobgoblin #6 enters & joins #1 at L2, he slashes down a woman that was caught between the other hobgoblin (#3) & the corner. He gives out a loud evil laugh


Hobgoblin #7 enter & stands next to the #6 at L3, he stands ready with his longsword & shield, anyone familiar with hobgoblin tactics, notice something familiar with this move (anyone can make a perception check but it'll replace your move action for this round)




awaiting actions

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Bolstered by the sudden friendly reinforcements, Kaanite redoubles his efforts attacking the Hobgoblin that narrowly missed his first attack. He marks the hobgoblin, as only a half-orc can, as his quarry and strikes with both of his blades. Kaanite looks just beyond the hobgoblin he's combating and notices several more enemies barging into the Tavern, the one in the center with sword and shield guarding the door especially catches his eye for a moment.


[OOC] Using a minor action to designate the #5 hobgoblin at M7 with my hunter's quarry power (+1d6 damage when hit with an attack), and using a standard action to use my careful attack on the same hobgoblin.

Attack roll w/ both swords (1d20+8=18, 1d20+8=10) (Twin Strike)

Damage roll, both swords. (1d8+5=8, 1d8+5=9)

Hunter's quarry damage (1d6=6)

Furious assault roll (1d8=4) <- Half-orc racial free action if an attack hits.

Perception check sacrificing move action. (1d20 8=16)[/OOC]

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With new hope, your strikes find their mark, with almost a scissor action, you slice off the hobgoblin's head. His limp body falls to the ground with a sickening thud. You've seen this action before with hobgoblins. Being that hobgoblin culture is mostly military & war-like they are setting themselves up in a phalanx style fighting maneuver. Each hobgoblin gains a +2 bonus to AC while at least one hobgoblin ally is adjacent to it.




The newly arrived goblin gives a wild laugh & says "For Sinruth!” & hurls the burning torch (which you notice is covered also in something black & sticky, most likely pitch or some flammable substance) into the bottles of beer & other hard spirits the bartender keeps behind his counter!! It hits & ignites square G1. It misses the bartender but now he is truely trapped, with the flames on one end & the approaching hobgoblin (which I didn't move last round, eh oh well) on the other.


It only takes a couple secs for the flame to ignite the alcohol & the flames will start to spread next round!




awaiting actions!

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crap, this is getting uglier by the minute Valken thinks as more invaders rush into the tavern.


Once again he sets a curse upon another of the foul hobgoblins (#7, @M6).


“Now let’s see how many of his friends he thought to bring along” he says more to himself than anyone around him. Making his way (J,14) to put an obstacle between himself and any danger he sees for the first time the carnage that the hobgoblins have really caused.


“You’ve got backup neighbor!” Valken calls out.


Having seen the half-orc cut down one of the hobgoblins with his twin blades, he wondered for a moment if the half-orc needed any aid, or for that matter, wanted it!


Calling forth the power which stirs within, his eyes glow once more, and he sets his glare upon another enemy (#6, @M5) using Eyebite



Eyebite Power: Cha vs Will: Attack & Damage against hobgoblin (#6, @M5) (1d20+3=17, 1d6+3=9)


Shadow Walk: moved 3 squares, gain Concealment

Hit: Invisible to target until the start of my next turn

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You stand up from behind the fireplace & utter a magical word & point at the hobgoblin. Like the last one, your eyes flare for a few secs, as does his. He drops his longsword & shield & covers his eye & screams due to the pain it causes him. You see from the sides of his hand, trickles of blood oozing out from under them. After a few seconds, the creature falls to the ground. The screaming stops, as the creature is dead. His face covered in blood, his blank staring eyes stained red.


awaiting actions

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[FLASHBACK] But the pain began to burn, white hot; and it is warm, and comfortable and doesn't smell like smoke anymore.

And there are friendly voices amidst the cries of pain and anguish. "It's a miracle this one survived." "Don't move boy, you'll tear your stitches" "That boy's heart refused to quit." "There is an inner strength in this one. We can use it."


Brannor awoke in a makeshift hospital, a thick heavy bandage wrapping his torso. It hurt, but not like before. "DA! Mother!" he cried. A warm and gentle hand touched his shoulder. "They didn't make it boy. Only you, and only just barely. Now sit back and relax, and take this medicine, it will ease the pain."


Brannor awoke on a simple straw pallet. His chest still sore, but no longer agonizingly painful. A thick, ugly scar ran from the middle of his stomach along the bottom half of his ribcage, stopping just short of his spine. Again, the friendly voice spoke, "I see you have woken again. Welcome back. I believe you are named Brannor, yes? How much do you remember?"


Then the screams came, and the tears, and the strong arms holding him, and that soothing voice, calming him.


"We will never replace what you lost, but our family here will welcome you for as long as you wish."


And then the training began. And it was hard work, he didn't understand why he had to do it all. But always, the reminder: He would be able to protect people like his family, those on the edges of civilization, those trying to make a home. No one would ever be hurt like he was hurt. The monsters would be driven away.



The monsters would be driven away!




Snapping free of the terror and with tears for his family still coursing down his cheek, Brannor moves with a blazing determination towards the hobgoblin. With a booming voice, echoing from the rafters of the tavern, Brannor calls out, "You...will...not!" and strikes at the hobgoblin.


Move Action: 6 squares to I,5

Minor Action: Divine Challenge, marking Hobgoblin #7

Standard Action: Charge Hobgoblin #7 (move to L,6 plus Basic Attack)

Basic Attack: d20 +5 +1 = 8 +5 +1 = 14 vs AC; Damage: 1d8 +2 = 5 +2 = 7

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"Great," thinks Rolf, "Three weeks on the road guarding that merchant caravan. Three weeks without sleeping in a bed or enjoying the taste of a good drink, and some gods-thumping gobbo goes and blows up all of the good stuff."


Rolf hefts his shield and turns on the goblin who has foolishly stepped within chopping range.


"Hey, gobbo," he shouts, "Don't you know better than to play with fire?" Summoning the strength of the bedrock far below his feet into himself, Rolf swings his axe at the goblin, with the weight of the very earth added to the blow, and flowing to his skin, shielding him from harm.





Standard Action: Earth Shield Strike. 1d20+6 → [8,6] = (14) versus AC.

if it hits, 1d10+4 → [5,4] = (9) points of damage, and Rolf gets a +1 to AC until the end of his next turn.


Free action, using Nature's wrath to mark the goblin.

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Grins is taken a back momentarily by the flames suddenly erupting near him. He turns to see the culprit being engaged by a shifter, whom he is relieved to see, and diverts his attention elsewhere.


Quickly deciding on the approach to take, he decides the hobgoblins near the door seem to be no match for the patrons they are battling so he extends his hand towards the bartender.


"Come, quickly! Climb over the bar to me!" he yells.


With his other hand he makes a clawing gesture towards the hobgoblin approaching the bartender. The air seems to thicken and crack around his hand as icy claws materialize around the intended victim and start to rip into its body.





Wrath of Winter attack on hobgoblin at L1 : 17+4=21 vs Fortitude

Damage : 10+4 Cold

On hit : Teleport spirit companion to K1


Skill check (if needed) : 3+modifier

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You quickly charge the hobgoblin, shouting at it in the words of your faith. You take a swing at the creature, but it sways it's body out of the way. The lingering effects of the painful memories still fading from your system.




You were just about to ask a lady what she was doing later in the evening when these humanoids burst into the place. Jumping from your chair you slayed one but now a goblin has come & totally ruined your evening.


You attack the creature in retaliation & summon the powers of the earth that you have control of. The strength of stone flows through your body & out your fingers into your axe. "He he, too slow, human, too slow!!!" the goblin laughs as he steps back (shifts) away from your axe & into the back passage, the way he came (goblin shifts as a immediate reaction power to your missed attack to space C4). He is marked thou.




You conjure anther spell from the spirit world, this time a aura of coldness wraps around the hobgoblins neck, he drops his longsword & shield & grabs at his throat, as if trying to stop the pain. He starts to choke, as he it appears he is choking himself in the attempt. Blood starts to trickle from the edges of his mouth & he suddenly stops breathing & "UHKkkkkkk" followed by a thud, as he dies & falls to the floor.




awaiting actions

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Calendor (DM acting upon his behalf)


Sizing up the hobgoblins, the mage knows that the creatures are pretty hardy & could resist a spell such as Ray of Frost he decides that maybe the warden might need help with the goblin that has dissapeared from the room. He moves over a square to E3 & with that he conjures anther spell upon the goblin that is just within the back hallway. One of his hands glows & the arcane energies wisp off & with that he throws his arm forward & the energy flies from his hand & strikes the goblin in the chest!! (Magic Missle) The MM strikes for 7 pts of damage!!. The creature reels from the pain but keeps fighting. With the successful throw, the wizard smiles............


(ROUND #2 combat notes Hobgoblins #3, #5 are alive., Goblin #1 (alive but has taken 7 pts of damage, not bloodied). #1, #2, #4, #6 are dead)


End Round #2. Start Round #2


Enter new combatants!!


2 Hobgoblins enter from the front door again, this time they take up posistions at N7 (this one tries to strike Kaanite- (rolls a 9 :unsure: ). The longsword swings past harmlessly. The other one takes a place at M5. He takes a swing at Brannor(he rolls a 21 & hits!) The longsword, mostly likely stolen from somwhere slices in your shoulder, Brannor, oh how you'd wish you had your armor right now. The longsword strikes for 5 pts of damage.


Also anther goblin dressed like the other one holding a shortsword & anther bitumen torch enters the tavern from the front as well. He surveys the room with a wild eyed look.




Awaiting actions

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Dodging the untrained slash by the hobgoblin Kaanite growls. He shifts next to the nearest pair of hobgoblins, focusing his attention on the hobgoblin before him letting loose with his own counter attack, barely noticing the wounded man holding his own in the background. "I'll be with you shortly!"



Shift from M8 into M7 so that I've got the two hobgoblins within melee range at M6 and N7.

Marking hobgoblin at N7 w/ Hunter's Quarry, and using Twin Strike.

Twin strike attack roll. (1d20 8=22 @M6, 1d20 8=26 @N7)

Twin Strike Damage Rolls (1d8 5=7 @M6, 1d8 5=10 @N7)

Hunter's Quarry Damage (1d6=3) @N7

Furious Assault Damage (1d8=5 @M6)


I believe all that is doable?


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As you avoid the wild swing, you take a step to the left & swing with both your swords in a half-circle action! The attack is precise as it cuts down the 2 hobgoblins almost at the same time! (M6 & N7 are both dead)

bartender (actions are on a 9)


"My bar!!" he screams but knowing that he is a bit too close to that fire, he leaps onto the bar his hands & clothes are covered in booze, ale & other alcoholic drink, but he is able to get to safety (square H3) & just in time too as........


Goblin #1


This goblin does the cowardly act & bolts for the open back door He backs up 1 square & then runs out the door turning left as he exits!


(this action will act here, even if gob #1 has been killed off) The fire behind the bar ignites the square H2 as the flammable liquids seeps under the bar & also the alcohol that splattered onto the bar. Had the bartender not jumped off when he did he's be one of those fire daredevils right now!


Goblin #2


This goblin decides that since the westside was on fire, the east side needed some heat as well! He runs along the wall stops & turns north (stops on N11). He decides this a good spot for a fire, seeing Valken behind the table he throws the torch at him! Roll of 26 (natural crit, damn I'm liking d20dicebag.com :devil: )! The torch smacks Valken square in the chest. The sticky tar & other flammable materials in it ignite your clothes on fire! You take 8 pts total (crit dmg included) from the flames & are now on fire!!!


The torch, still on fire drops to your feet & the floor is on fire as well!



awaiting actions!

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Instinctively, as the flames engulf him, Valken begins swatting at the flames. With the death of one of the hobgoblins marked with his curse power he transforms into a silvery mist and streams away from the torch-fire at his feet to prevent further harm to himself. (teleports to L, 12)


“You’ll pay for that you little runt!” Valken shouts at the goblin. Calling upon another of his dark gifts (Armor of Agathys), a sheath of black ice from a dark and doleful realm surrounds him.


With his defenses in place, Valken now focuses on bringing to bear as much pain on the goblin as he possibly can. With a slight gesture he sets a Curse upon his target. Then his eyes glow and he sets his glare upon his enemy (Eyebite attack)


if his quarry is effectively blinded, Valken moves around and comes up behind the goblin (O, 11)


Eyebite Attack vs Will, Hit: Psychic Damage & invisible to the target until the start of my next turn, plus Curse Damage (1d20+4=14, 1d6+3=9, 1d6=5)


Free Action: Misty Step

Standard action: Armor of Agathys (Daily Power): Gain 13 temp hp’s

Minor action: Curse Ability

Action Point (Standard action): Eyebite

Move action: Move to (O, 11): gain Concealment from Shadow Walk for movement of 3 squares or teleport


Prime Shot: +1 ranged attack if nearest to target (already factored in)

Armor of Agathys: Until the end of the encounter, an enemy that starts its turn adjacent to me takes 1d6+2 cold damage.

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