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Rescue at Rivenroar

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(remember to mark off your daily & Action Point, till resting )


The veil that seperates the Material World from teh Feywild thins, as your body fades from sight, a slight sparkly mist the only trace that you are even here. The inn & everything else around is grey mist, the people, the 2 fires in the place all are firey shadows to you for a few seconds. The fire that burns on your shirt is real thou, you feel the sticky tar & the heat of the flames as it burns more of your flesh. You step out of the area with the torch & move unnaturally quick to the the area between the tables, the shadows of the world start to comeback into the color, starting with the intense fires that are burning, then the people & finally the inn itself. The veil has been closed for now.....


As you "blink" back into existence you call upon the same feys that grant you your Misty Step Spell. Quickly you shout a curse onto the goblin & then recite a few words of power & a sheath of black ice forms all over your body. It radiates a deathly cold, the air around you is deadly. The armor feels like it's your own skin & causes no penalties to your movements or other actions. The flames that are on your chest are snuffed out due to the intense cold that armor radiates. The only reminder is a patch of black tar still stuck to your skin. Finally you utter anther word of power, & inside the dark sheath, your eyes glow again with a reddish glow........


...........The goblin screams as the Eyebite power takes ahold of him, causing him 14 pts of damage ( & 5 are the damages right? IC is not coming up right now for me) . He doesn't drop his blade thou, only grabbing his face with his free hand.


You move in on the helpless goblin, closing in to use your armor's eldritch cold.



awaiting actions

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Brannor nods his appreciation to the Halforc, and points his longsword to the door and yells. "Mind the door, they've been pouring in through there, I can keep these two off your back, see if you can stop anymore from coming in!"


The young knight calls upon the power of Erathis to halt the incursion of this new breed of Red Hand. "Spawn of the Red Hand, your kind are not welcome here!" Brandishing his longsword, he drives the blade towards the hobgoblin's chest.


Standard Action: Shielding Smite, Hobgoblin #9 (1d20+7, 2d8+4 = 13+7, 10+4 = 20 vs AC, 14 points damage)

Kaanite gains a +2 Power Bonus to your AC until the end of my next Turn.


If this drops the Hobgoblin: Move Action (Move to M5); Minor Action (Divine Challenge #4)


If the Hobgoblin is still up: Move Action (Shift L5); Minor Action (Divine Challenge #9)

[ooc] apparently I killed me a hobgoblin[/occ]

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Rolf glares after the fleeing Goblin. "Later for you then, Gobby. I never forget a face. Even if it's an especially ugly face."


Moving across the room, He nods to the fellow helping the bartender, "Good job, mate." He steps between the bartender and the hobgoblins, sets his feet, and then launches himself into combat, swinging his axe at the nearest enemy.





Move to I3, then charge to L3, making a charge attack against #4.

1d20+6+1 → [9,7] = (16) versus AC

If it connects, then 1d10+4 → [8,4] = (12) points of damage.

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As you shout at the hobgoblin, in your eyes there is a bright aura around it & it fades away. You know if the hobgoblin ignores your challenges, the aura will flare up & radiant damage will cause the hobgoblin pain. With that you raise your blade, & attack the creature. The blade finds it's mark!! The hobgoblin gives out a "ughh" as it falls from your blade. With the attack a golden shield with the symbol of Erathis Erathis.jpg appears in front of the half-orc ranger near you.




You slip past the bartender & the flaming bar. You then set yourself & charge the hobgoblin, but as you get near him to attack he deflect your blade with ease. The creature just shouts at you. "Your in bad shape now, human!!"


Grins like Hyena


awaiting actions

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Gaining a sense of confidence from helping the bartender and receiving praise from the shifter as he ran by, Grins redoubles his efforts to rebuff the invaders.


He glares at the hobgoblin being surrounded by patrons as he paces towards it and points, giving an un spoken order to attack. Suddenly, the spectral hyena springs forward from its protected position behind the bar and rushes the Hobgoblin.




Movement action to I4.

Spirit Companion moves to M3.

Stalkers Strike Attack against #4 @ M4 - 13+4=17 vs fortitude (If the target is bloodied, add +1)

If hit :

Damage -10+4=14

Spirit Companion can flank with me and my allies until end of my next turn

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Grins like Hyena

You motion for your companion to strike the hobgoblin. It leaps with unnatural fury at the hobgoblin! "AIEEEEEE" it screams out as the spectral hyena tears into the hobgoblin. The hyena bites one final time into the hobgoblin's neck & it drops dead with a dieing UGHHHH........"



suddenly this person just go "BAMPF!" & a smell of brimstone is the only trace of the man even being in existence.............

Round #3 ends Round #4 Begins

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Round #4


Combat update:

Hobgoblins alive: none, except for.........


Goblin #1 (whereabouts unknown), Goblin #2 is injured but not bloodied


Just as the party & the remaining patrons (there are about 7 people left in the bar, including the bartender & 3 of them are huddled near the card table) breathe again a sigh of relief, 2 more hobgoblins rush into the bar waving their swords & shouting "Sinruth!!!!"


Seeing the bodies of their fellow warriors & weapons with their blood on them, they rush the party, hoping to strike vengeance!! Hobgoblin #10 rushes at Brannor, since he appears to be unarmored (N5, he moves o6-o5-n5). He swings the longsword at the paladin, & slices him on the side for 5 pts of damage!!


#11 rushes right behind his comrade. Seeing the half-orc he shouts "Traitor!!!" & rushes Kaanite!! (N6 he moves straight up from o6). Like his fellow, he swings his longsword. The blade quickly moves past the ranger's defenses & through the magical shield & strikes his shoulder for 5 pts of damage!!! (he got a 22 total on his roll)




awaiting actions

On a related note:



The trip down the river was calm & relaxing, well except for the crew member that decided that he wanted to be captain & stabs the old river rat in the shoulder with his blade. Your mind wanders a bit as you think of the man that was stabbed repeatedly by the first mate & then by the captain himself, if he was dead before this body collided with the waters of the Elsir River. After wandering in the southern wilderness & not wanting to visit the dwarves of Hammerfist Holds you decided to head for Drellin's Ferry & eventually Brindol, you've heard they have a good college of magic & wanted to see for yourself. You had the cash & the will to travel the road, but you wanted a place to study your spells & figured a trip down river would do your studies good.


Elsir Vale & Surrounding Areas




You arrive in Brindol, the capitol city of Elsir Vale a couple hours ago & were settling in, taking in the sights of the city when suddenly, people started screaming "The College District is under attack, all able arms to battle!!!" As you made your way over, since if the College was destroyed, you'd have wasted your time coming to this town in the first place! You hear. "The South gate is under siege!! hobgoblins, goblins, ogres bearing the Hand!!!!". The area is a total mess with people rushing everywhere trying to stop the raids. Men at arms rush to both places. You can see the flames off in the distant, the College District as it was called is on fire!!


(on the city map, your somewhere on the street near location #12. Ilya’s Cardhouse (a tavern) off in the distant is a domed building with a golden dome, atop is a statue. campus-dome.jpg. You can see smoke coming from the building. (& no Rudy doesn't come rushing down the street at you.............. <_< )

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Glaring at the hobgoblin, Kaanite takes a moment to observe the trickle of blood from his wound and lets out a roaring laugh. "You think you can stop me, you pathetic whelp? You think that hurt me? I'll show you pain!" He challenges the Hobgoblin as he edges around to be shoulder to shoulder with Brannor.



Shift M7 -> M6 to be side by side with Brannor

Marking hobgoblin @N6 w/ Hunter's Quarry

Twin Strike attack roll (1d20 8=26)

Twin Strike damage rolls (both at N6) (1d8 5=11, 1d8 5=13)

Hunter's Quarry damage (1d6=2)

Furious Assault damage (1d8=4)


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Even with the extra phalanx defensive position you respond by slashing the hobgoblin almost with a X pattern across his chest. He drops to the ground in a bloody heap!


Goblin #2


Even before the goblin acts, the cold of Valken's magical armor grips the goblin in it's freezing grasp for 5 pts of damage!


The goblin can't see you but he know that there is something not right here. He turns around & shifts 1 square up (M11), away from the cold that is "biting" into his skin. He grabs anther stick from a bag he is carrying. It is anther torch. He he also has a something in his hand & strikes a piece of metal away from the bag & lights the torch. Your not sure where he is gonna toss this one but it may be in your general direction!

Flames by the bar (#1)


The fire spreads away from the bartender & Grins' it goes North this time (square G2)


Goblin #1 (he's back)

Grins Like Hyena, out of the corner of your you see the a familiar goblin come into the building by the North (back door) again. He has a lit torch in his hand. He stops at A4. He is trying to be sneaky but he notices you see him, he throws the torch into the store room. Luckily it isn't the spirits storage or the whole place might have went up in flames. The torch does ignite the other flammable objects in the room & starts a fire in square (A2). This will be fire #3.


Fire #2


This fire spreads southward (k14) lighting the floor & the wall as it's spreads!




awaiting actions!

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Akaru pushes her way through the crowd of people rushing to and fro. Compelled by the possibility of rescuing a wealthy benefactor in the college district and earning some kind of favour for doing so, she attaches herself to a mob of armed citizens en route to rescue the college district.


Then news reaches her ears that a new threat has manifested itself at the south gate. When she hears mention of 'the hand', she debates on whether to head toward the threatened gate or keep her course. In the end she decides to concern herself with the college district first.

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After the goblin backs off, Valken reappears, “So you still wanna play with fire I see” a very chaotic grins grosses his face. “Well here, play with Witchfire!”


Valken then extents an outstretched hand at the goblin (M,11) (using Witchfire Encounter Power)




If Valken hits and the goblin dies, he will Misty Step to (O,8), then place a curse on the two remaining hobgoblins (N,5 & N,6). If the goblin doesn’t die, he’ll move/shift up one space to (N,11) and curse the hobgoblin at (N,6)


Valken's Witchfire Attack vs Reflex, Hit: fire damage (1d20+4=15, 2d6+3=6) & Curse damage

forgot to include it in previous roll (1d6=6)


Free Action: Misty Step (if applicable); Concealment from Shadow Walk from movement of 3 or more squares or teleport

Standard action: Witchfire (Encounter Power): Creature hit takes -5 penalty to attack

Minor action: Curse Ability on hobgoblin at (N,6)

Minor action/Move action: Move to (N,11) or Curse second hobgoblin

Prime Shot: +1 ranged attack if nearest to target (already factored in)

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Updated Initiative Order:

11 Kaanite

8 Goblin (Higher DEX)

8 Fires (various)

8 Valken

7 Brannor

6 Rolf

4 Grins Like Hyena




You weave the incantation for the spell, Witchfire, in the air, a white firey swirls around your hand. The fire get brighter & "hotter" & you throw it at the goblin. The goblin doesn't ignite like normal fire would but he throws (or more or less a reaction movement to free up his hand) the torch into square M10. He starts to rub & pat down his body like he was on fire. Valken, you can see the white fire engulfing the goblin for 12 pts of damage!! His patting & rubbing do nothing to quench the flames! Suddenly he drops to the ground & the flames slowly go out. You see his eyes have rolled up into his head & his tongue is hanging out the side, he is dead.


The torch ignites the wooden floor in the process.


The Bartender starts yelling at the remaining patrons. "If you wanna drink here again, you'll help me with these damn flames!!! Get buckets, glasses of water, anything!! These 4 can handle the riff-raff!!



awaiting actions!!

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Realizing that the Hand are now under control and the patrons of the bar surviving the fire is a greater concern, Brannor begins to focus his attention elsewhere.


Shouting to the half orc, Brannor calls above the din, "This one is yours!" And smashes the pommel of his longsword furiously into the Hobgoblin's face, looking not so much to kill the beast, as to render it easy prey for the hunting halforc.

"I'll start tending the wounded!"


Knowing he has stout allies at his back, Brannor moves towards the burning bar.


Standard Action: Furious Smash 11+5 = 16 vs Fortitude. If it hits, 2 points of damage. Kaanite gains +4 to hit/damage on his next turn if he attacks the remaining hobgoblin.

Action Point: Second Wind. +7 HP. +2 to all defenses until end of next turn.

Move Action: M5>L6>K6>J5>H5>H4 (6 squares) Accepting Opportunity Attack from Hobgoblin.

Note increases to Defenses from Second Wind.



Current HP total 27. 11 Surges remaining.


[EDIT] Realized my directions were to the barkeep, but text was to Valken. Corrected text.[/EDIT]

Edited by Qwyksilver
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Seeing the remaining hobgoblin fall, Rolf scans the room, spotting the goblin who once evaded him, now back in the inn. "Aha," he cries out, "Unfinished business!"


Moving across the room, he sets his feet and then charges full force at the goblin, swinging his axe in a mighty blow.




Move to G4

Standard Action: Charge to B4. 1d20+6+1 → [18,6,1] = (25) to hit. 1d10+4 → [3,4] = (7) points of damage.

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