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Rescue at Rivenroar

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Assessing the situation, Grins realizes he is the only one left in his end of the tavern capable of fighting.


"I must prove myself to the other warriors by dispatching this foe alone" he thinks to himself as he conjurs the spirit world.


Turning his back to the action winding down at the tavern entrance, Grins focuses on the goblin that has reemerged at the rear. "You missed your chance to leave still alive, you pathetic soul!" he yells as he rushes the gobline, the air beginning to crackle and freeze around his outstretched hands.





Move action to E4.

Standard action - Wrath of Winter against Goblin 1 @ A4 - 1+4=5 vs Fort

If hit : Damage = 7+4=11 and teleport spirit companion to the space behind A4.

Minor action - commits suicide due to being hated by the dice rolling algorithm

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You take the pommel of your weapon & just brain bash the hobgoblin. The hobgoblin gives a "Ughh!" as the weapon smashes the thick the skull of the creature, it drops to the ground to join the rest of it's fellows.


(not Furious Smash? Isn't that a Warlord power? no worries if it is for this round. I want to move the combat along)


As you move away from the battle, you feel a rush of spirit in you & your wounds seem to heal up & your body doesn't ache as much as it did as you rush over to the fires.


The remaining patrons try & put out the flames, but there just is anything that can really snuff the flames at this point.


"Grab the curtains, anything smoother them flames!! I'll be back!" the bartender says as he makes his way out the bashed front door, being careful to avoid any active combats & other hazzards.


The patrons start to tear down the curtains that closest to each fire.



You charge the goblin that is at the door. Your swing a modified golf-like swing. The blow strikes the goblin & shoves him into the door as he screams out a bloody cry. He crumples to the floor, barely moving.



You turn & see that the goblin is easy prey & you conjure a spell to finish the pathetic creature's life. As you do a loud pop of a bottle of high spirits explodes behind the bar & distracts you enough that you lose your connection to the spirit world & the spell fizzles out with a small "POP".


End Round, & Rolf can smash the goblin with a coup de grace (no roll needed, as the goblin is pretty broken up & not moving more then half-a-square if that). As Brannor directs the efforts of the townsfolk to do whatever they can to put out the flames & everyone else in the party pitches into quell the flames. The bartender has returned with more people with buckets of water & is pouring it out on the flames. The bar is damaged, the stock has been destroyed but it is safe for the time being.


With a loud cheer the patrons raise fists & celebrate that the Antler & Thistle has been saved.


"Don't be hasty folks, it appears Brindol is under seige. As I went out & got water & backup, there are flames in the College District & the Temple of Erathis & the surrounding areas have been hit as well. Pretty sure there are other flames but these were 2 biggest that I gathered from people. I'm not sure of the size of the army hitting us, but if this many hobgoblins got in, then I'm sure there are more out there!!" the bartender says as the last of the flames are etinguished.


He turns to Brannor & says "Thank you." he turns to everyone else "Thanks to everyone that responded as quickly as you did. I'd be dead & so would everyone else & my building would be burning pyre right now."


Some of the patrons break down after tending to the dead in the bar, either a loved one or friend.





You start to make your way to the burning college, as you get about 3 or 4 blocks away from the building itself a guardsman appears & says to you "Stay back, citizen, the building is buring pretty good right now, we don't want anyone hurAkkkkkkkkk!!!"


Suddenly the point of a crude arrow protrudes from his neck!! The man drops to the ground clutching his bloody throat, you see a goblin with a bow has stepped out from the shadows of building, he is reloading his weapon.....


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As the last of the flames are quenched, Grins makes his way over to his motionless Spirit Companion, sitting on its hind legs.


"We live to fight another day, friend" he speaks as he rubs its head and places a small kiss on its snout; and with that, it disappears in a misty swirl.



He unties the longspear attached to his back and deftly whips it around to his front causing the small basilisk bones tied to its shaft to rattle as it is swung. Using it almost as a large walking stick, he leans on the spear, holding it with both hands, as he peers around the room, taking in the pain and heartbreak being outpoured from the patrons.


He silently debates with himself on what to do next; escape this madness and continue his purposeless wandering or take this sign from the spirits as a call to help.

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After the last hobgoblin is slain, Valken relaxes and takes stock of the overall state of things. He then uses a surge to recover from his wounds.


When the barkeep mentions the state of affairs outside, Valken moves to the door and glances around.


Turning to the others that have helped in the battle he says


"Well folks, who's up for seeing if we can lend a hand to those areas the barkeep pointed out?"

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Breathing heavily, his half-orc adrenal surge still pumping strong Kaanite looks around for more enemies to smite. Seeing none, he looks at his wound and grunts. "Just a scratch I see..." shrugging it off. He approaches the strangers that helped fight off the ambush and introduces himself.


"Kaanite, thank you for the assistance, I don't know that I could have done anything without all of your help." he nods at Brannor, Grins, Rolf and the rest. "What do you say we do as Valken suggests, I'm sure there are more of these cowards about, and I could stand to stomp a few more goblinoid butts."

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Everyone in the inn hears a crunch of bone and a squishing sound from the back door. Moments later, Rolf appears from the hallway, trying to wipe something off of his boot onto the floor.


"Well, mates, I'm all for whatever lets me fight more! Lead the way. Oh, and I'm Rolf! Good to know ya!"

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Sensing a growing bond between the patrons who called up arms, Grins is compelled to join them. The shifter returning from dispatching the last goblin makes his mind up.


"It seems these beasts have caused far too much trouble than they are naturally permitted" he says. "I am Grins Like Hyena, son of Coils Like Snake and Shaman of the Longtooth of the Blind Boulder tribe. Rolf, Kaanite and you, wielder of the dark arts; It would be an honor to lend you my spear and spirit to set things right."

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""I am Grins Like Hyena, son of Coils Like Snake and Shaman of the Longtooth of the Blind Boulder tribe. Rolf, Kaanite and you, wielder of the dark arts; It would be an honor to lend you my spear and spirit to set things right."

“hmmm, that’s one dandy of a name you got there neighbor. Any chance you wouldn’t mind we shorten it? Maybe calls ya Grins or even Hyena?” Valken says with a friendly grin, thinking that the mans name begins with Grins and ends with Tribe


“and I’m called Valken, that dark arts stuff just kinda tends to freak people out if you knows what I mean” he adds with a wink

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To the bartender. "No thanks are necessary sir. I'm sorry we couldn't have stopped them before the damage to your establishment and patrons. And thank you kindly for the news."


The paladin nods quickly at the others. "Brannor. May the Light of Erathis shine on you all for defending the patrons here and saving the inn. Unfortunately, I can't stay. My brothers are under attack at the Temple. I can't delay any longer. Anyone willing to join me, feel free to follow."


Brannor spends a surge to regain the rest of his lost hp.

HP: 30 Surges: 10

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"It is a pleasure to meet you Valken; and yes, Grins is acceptable." Grins replies to Valken as Brannor speaks up.



"I understand your plight, if not your god, Brannor. I would be willing to help any who are in need and your temple is just as good of a spot to start as any! What say the rest of you?" he asks of the rest as he moves towards the door.

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