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Rescue at Rivenroar

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Akaru's combat


Goblin 11



(simple area, the goblin is about 5 squares away from you & there is nothing in the way as far as obstacles or things that can offer cover. The creature is standing on the corner of a building, but he is fully in the open.)


The goblin loads his bow & fires at you!! The arrow flies from his bow & strikes you in the shoulder for 5 pts of damage!!


A&T group


The bartender & the crowd start to clean up the bar, most of the people that came over with the bartender have left to help elsewhere in the city. You all make your introductions & make your way to the Temple of Erathis. The area where the fires are at are abuzz with activity but elsewhere the city seems to be asleep. Its not like there is no activity there, just the action is either at the Temple or at the College of Magic. Which probably means there are 2 groups that are attacking the city. As you make your way down the streets, a explosion can be heard where 2. Chatrenn and Sons (Inn) & 3. Axenhaft Security (Guard Service) buildings/area would be! It appears anther group has struck the city from the west gate. How are they getting in your not sure. As the party gets near the crossroads that is under 14. The Shrine of Bahmut, you hear loud laughter & rough humanoid voice shouting


"Larg, burn you!!!" & something goes crash!!!


It sounds like it coming from the street that goes to the following structures:


15. Brindol Gentleman’s Club

16. The Hall of Great Valor

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Akaru grits her teeth as the arrow strikes her in the shoulder. She maintains her concentration and summons the power, raising her left hand and pointing at the goblin. A shimmering blue-silver bolt of energy darts from her fingertips toward the little menace.


With her other hand, she draws one dagger.


Standard Action: Magic Missile - 14 +3 = 17

-- Damage 3 +3 = 6

Minor Action: draw dagger

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Brannor pulls up short and raises his hand hoping everyone recognizes the need to halt.


"My brothers trained me, they should be able to stand fast unless the odds have been stacked too high. The common people of Brindol have no such defenses or training. I cannot let these creatures run free destroying what the people have wrought. Can any of you approach unseen to find out what is happening? Even if it is not more goblinoids, I fear the darkness in man's soul will lead him to use this opportunity to commit acts of evil laying blame on the goblins."

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"If it's stealth you need, I can do it well enough, where you need me to go? What you need me to scout out? Want me to stick a few of the buggers from behind?" Kaanite states flatly as shadows suddenly begin to envelope his form.



IC still down... manual stealth roll 1d20+9=24


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"Can you find out who or what is Larg, and what it is he and his friends are smashing over there. If it is more of the Red Hand, and you can dispatch them quickly and without drawing a horde down on us, absolutely. If it's another large group, we can draw them to a spot where we want them."

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“So, anyone have a game plan on how to proceed once we encounter more of those goblins and hobgoblins” Valken ask as he draws his mace and gets a firm grip on the rugged handle as the group follows behind Brannor after leaving the tavern


“you know, who’s up to the task of taking point and such?” he finishes saying as Brannor signals for a halt



"Can you find out who or what is Larg, and what it is he and his friends are smashing over there..."

Figuring that Kaanite could handle himself, Valken concludes that a little backup couldn’t hurt in the event the half-orc stumbled onto more trouble than he could handle


“I’ll accompany him. I’ve some skill in being unobtrusive and can provide backup if the need arose” he says patting the mace slightly into the palm of his free hand



"Also, find out if "Gentleman's Club" means what I think it does, because if so, I'm gonna go rescue THAT."

"if its free drinks your thinking, I'm betting the owner of the tavern we just saved will provide us with a drink or two. Well at least until we've worn out our welcome anyways" he adds with a chuckle

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Nodding at Valken in appreciation at having some backup "We ready to move out?"

“What say you if we cut in behind these here buildings? They’ll provide us with added cover and we can maybe even come in from behind.”



“lead the way” he adds after Kaanite replies



[ooc]Stealth Check: rolled a 12+9=21[/ooc]

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(initial placement, will fully update tomorrow morning)


The party makes it way down to the noise, as the party gets closer a loud SMASH! can be heard. It sounds like cracking of wood. You can smell of burning flesh as you get near the area. As the party gets closer, suddenly a rush of people run from the area. They by pass the party, one of the persons, a male commoner says to you all "Run for yer lives!! There is no stopping the monster!!" & he rushes down the street away from danger.




(again will update the map with coordinates & other info)


The party is at the top of the map where the red line is. The numbers corespond to the map key. The Gentleman's Club is exactly what you think it is Kaanite. A place where women & men of all races dance for the pleasures of their customers. At the current moment thou, the only fire that it lit is the real one burning in the building. What catches your eye thou is a odd site. A Large hideous man-like creature with pale sickly skin is attached to a small wagon (most likely stolen in town) by a yoke around his waist.


Kaanite & anyone that can see the creature make a Nature Check.


In the wagon are 2 more hobgoblins, dressed similar to the ones that you just fought. Leather armor adorned with the upside-down handed painted on the chest. They are armed with shortbows & longsword. Also in the wagon are several barrels.


What's more important & menacing is the large humanoid is wielding a large club (a large tree limb crudely carved into a weapon) & in his other hand is a large cask. There are several fires burning along the street & the buildings. There are also several burning & arrow filled corpses along the road as well. The area has taken a nasty toll so far this evening.


(update for Akaru)


A Map!!! :lol:




You magic missile slams into the goblin, doing 6 pts of damage to the creature. It doesn't bring the creature down thou, he starts to load anther arrow. As you see your spell works is "magic" on the goblin, make a Perception check!

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Brannor's shoulders slump slightly at the realization that he is facing not only more hobgoblins, but also an Ogre. Bowing his head for a silent prayer, his shoulders square, and as he finishes he appears to be infused with an almost radiant inner strength. "Erathis once again you test your newest knight with another challenge. Give my arm the strength and my heart the courage to endure this latest test so we can drive these beasts from this city."


Brannor moves into the center of the roadway (D,17) (C,15) with his shield ready and sword bare.


"We cannot let that beast rampage free in this city. It has to be slain."


EDIT: Changed coordinates for new map.

Edited by Qwyksilver
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Seeing Brannor run forward unprotected, Grins is compelled to help and follows suit.


Longspear in hand he follows Brannor closely and positions himself behind the Paladin (C,17?).


"We shall slay these beasts together" he says, letting Brannor know he is behind him.

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Rolf shrugs. "Dancin' lady place is on fire. Might as well fight goblins." He turns to look at Valken. "If you're as squishy as you look, you'd best stick close to me. I'll sop up them arrows and axe-blows. You do your magical shooty power thingies." Rolf moves next to Brannor (D18?). "So, holy man. What kinda party we lookin' at?"

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Everyone that made their Nature check knows that the creature attached to the wagon is a adult male ogre. A foul beastie that resides in the woods around Brindol. You know they aren't too bright but what the lack in brains they make up for in the raw strength. A perfect merc if you do say so.


Flamin Ogre battle!!


hobgoblin 23 (them hobgoblin are sure fast aren't they :poke:)

Grins like Hyena 19

Brannor 12

Valken 11

ogre 7 (I did say he was a bit slow right...... :rock: ) (note: he goes first before Rolf)

Rolf 7

Kannite 6


I will continue with actions after everyone has place your "mini" on the map. If the coordinates aren't clear, it's A to U on the left side down & 1 to 22 on the top.




I've moved the ogre up a spot, as the description & the starting spot didn't match, epically where the party would be coming from.


The black square behind the ogre is a 2 by 3 square wooden wagon, the hobbies are in the back with bows. Hobs are H1(square) H2 (round).


blue squares are grass, didn't have green. NO movement penalties for moving into these, it's just regular grass, well except for the one that is on fire of course ::):


Characters start at the top. Also since my vinyl map wasn't big enough I couldn't get the back of the right hand building up, so if you want to move down the street you still can, just reference the module map.


red squares are flames & they will spread like the tavern fire. Note there is junk in the streets, mainly broken wood & a couple bodies but nothing that will impede movement.


Any questions: Just ask in Gathering thread.


Akaru's battle:


As your magic missle impacts the goblin, a sudden sound of a bowstring being whipped against wood comes from across the street!! The arrow just barely misses you. You can barely make out a goblin similar to the other one trying to hide in the bush. It is loading anther arrow.

End Round #1, Start Round #2




The first goblin launches a arrow at you, you can see he is a bit peeved to have taken the damage from your spell. Common folk aren't suppose to do things like that!!! The arrow misses, but..... a arrow comes fly in from the goblin in the bush! The arrow does 3 points of damage as it sticks into your shoulder!! The goblin is trying to use the bush as cover & also trying to fire through it, so he will get a cover bonus but he is also suffering to hit penalties as well.



awaiting actions

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