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Rescue at Rivenroar

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Cask throwing Ogre battle


Round #1


Ogre battle Round 1


"ground level cam shot & yes Grins' mini is Savage Dragon :lol:


Ground level shot




They have their bows at their side but their main purpose to "reloading" the ogre, you see they are waiting for him to act (Action DELAY)


Savage Dragon err Grins Like Hyena:poke:


awaiting actions

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The sight of the giant ogre frightens Grins a bit. He has fought countless goblins, orcs and the like but never has he faced a monstrous figure so large. With the hobgoblins leaving their bows at their side, the immediate threat of arrow fire seems minimal so he rushes forward.


Focusing, every muscle visible in his body seems to flex as he shouts "Come to me o' great spirit!". Suddenly a ghostly white swirl envelops the area on the cart between the Ogre and the Hobgoblins. The large, translucent Hyena cackles as it bites out at the two hobgoblins.


With his longspear pointed towards the sky, Grins stares at his hyena and begins to tremble. Speaking quickly in a tongue understood by neither him, nor those around him, Grins begins to chant before erupting in an all out yell and pointing his spear at the hyena. Dark, hideous and ghastly figures burst from him and the hyena, ripping and tearing at the minds of his foes.






Move Action : Move to F-18

Minor Action : Call spirit companion to M-11

Standard Action : Daily attack power - Wrath of the Spirit World vs each enemy adjacent to spirit companion (all 3) - 1d20+4 vs Will = 7 (doh!)

On hit : 3d6+4 psychic and targets are knocked prone. 3d6+4 = 8

On miss : Half damage = 4

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Brannor grips his shield and longsword tightly in his hand before marching resolutely down the street, his pace quickening as he approaches the entrance to the tailor's shop. Pointing his longsword at the Ogre a cry to Erathis escapes the young Paladin's lips as he charges the beast striking for the creature's head with an overhand swing!



Move Action: C,15 > J,15

Minor Action: Divine Challenge, Marking Ogre

Standard Action: Charge to M,14. Melee Basic Attack with Longsword

** 1d20 +5 +1(charge) = 15+6 = 21 vs AC

** 1d8+2 = 3+2 = 5 damage


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Akaru grits her teeth as another arrow finds its mark in her shoulder. Seeing that this is going to be more than a quick slinging match with a single vermin, she quickly retreats around the corner of a building for cover. Once there, she summons forth another magic missile and launches it at her initial attacker.


Move action - move 6 squares to round corner of building (top left of map)

Standard action: Magic Missile goblin 15 +3 = 18

Damage 6 +3 = 9

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Seeing that you don't want to be target practice for these goblins, you move around the corner & fire off a magic missle. It strikes the goblin again for 9 more points. He is getting annoyed, but still fights on.


The goblin fires anther arrow, but your move worked & the arrow clatters off the stone building. The other one moves out from behind the bush, 6 squares (diagonally NE from your original spot) & fires his bow, but his shot too bounces off the wall. You hear him utter something in goblin (if you speak goblin, not sure of your languages, it something I can't post here :poke: )


End Round #2, Start Round #3


Ogre battle

(will update tomorrow, sorry for the delay, map is on the kitchen table & I had to put it up for real life things......ha ha)

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Akaru quickly summons another arcane missile and hurls it at the goblin, who continues to stand his ground as though to mock her. She does not speak the goblin language and has no interest in learning it, even for the purpose of cursing back at them.


Magic Missile: 3 +3 = 6

Damage: 6 +3 = 9




Finding the arrows in her shoulder to be a particular nuisance, she retreats a step further around the corner to catch her wind and remove them. More time and a bit more finesse with the operation might have been less painful, but sometimes time and finesse are in short order, and the goblins have not likely given up on their quarry. After sparing herself a little mental energy for self-recovery, she is ready for more.


Standard Action:Magic missile

Second wind Standard Action: Healing Surge

Minor Action: discarding unwelcomed arrows?

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Ogre battle

1st round continue




Seeing the ogre doesn't cause you to freeze up, it only motivates you into combat. Knowing full well the creature if not stopped could & will do more damage to the city. You move closer to the creature, (f18). As you move alongside the building, you call upon your faithful spirit companion & tell it to manifest between the ogre & the hobgoblins. The ogre not knowing the creature is back there, you call upon the spirit world again & tell them assault the minds of your enemies!!


Wrath of the Spirit World: Results--All creatures suffer 4 pts of mind damage!



Like Grins like Hyena, the sight of the ogre temporarily paralyzes you with fear but your training at the Church of Erathis & teachings of your fellow brothers & sister paladin. You move close to the ogre & his lackeys. As your about halfway to the ogre, you let out a invocation to Erathis & in your eyes the symbol of Erathis glows about the ogre, as you mark the creature. With your prayer answered, you charge the beast letting out anther prayer to Erathis, as you get close to the beast, it takes a swipe at you, it somehow misses you with it's club (Wow? wha? <_< ) as you get near you slash with your blade & connect!!!


Basic attack results 5 pts of damage!!!



(delays till Kaanite)


Ogre (YIKES!!)


Not wanting to drop the keg on to Brannor as he is in melee combat with the ogre, it decides to toss the keg in it hand at Grins. The keg misses but it does smash into the ground at H17. Igniting the grass on impact. The flames that are on the street already also start to spread out:


One across from Brannor L17

One in front of Rolf H14

2 on the Inn move close & have become one big fire (G & H 11)


The huge fire blocking the southern street is burning but doesn't move......for now




They now react seeing that there is a spirit hyena amongst them, they attempt to take it down!!


They both swing & thrust their swords into it, but the blades pass harmlessly through it & the creature is unaffected.



awaiting actions



(on delay)


(updated, (at least before the spreading fires) map)

1st round map updated

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Seeing Brannor rush ahead into combat, Rolf rolls his shoulders. "Hey, fella! Wait for me!" As he moves down the street, Rolf recognizes the threat of the ogre Brannor has engaged. Summoning the primal spirits around him, Rolf calls upon the Relentless Panther. His form wavers slightly, as he takes on the bestial fangs, sleek fur, and hunting grace of a panther. He then lunges across the battlefield, darting nimbly around any attacks to deal a vicious axeblow to the ogre.




Move Action to I16.


Minor Action - Form of the Relentless Panther (+2 bonus to Reflex and +1 bonus to marked enemies. Rolf can also shift 2 squares as a move action)


Standard Action - Form of the Relentless Panther Attack - Shift to N14, Attack 1d20+6 → [18,6] = (24). If Rolf hits, 2d10+4 → [10,8,4] = (22) points of damage and ongoing 5 damage (save ends). If he misses, half damage and ongoing 2 (save ends)

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Fairly certain that they’re a fair distance from there quarry and hoping they’re companions are putting up a distraction, Valken forgoes stealth in favor of haste. He moves after Kaanite and stop in front of the Inn’s Door (M,4), thinking it might suit him to duck inside if needed.


Seeing the hobgoblins preoccupied with something, Valken sets a curse upon one of the brutes (M,10)

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Seeing your new allies attack the ogre, you move in to attack it as well. As you get near (I16), you call upon your warden training, calling upon the mystical primal energies that heed your call. Your form shift more bestial & more feline-like as you call upon Great Father Panther to give you speed & more power to attack your foes!!


After calling upon the primal powers, you quickly dart into combat with the ogre & strike the creature with your axe, dealing a mighty 22 pts of damage to it!!



You move along the wall with a quicken pace (M6), thou the clink of something on your body is loud enough that one of the hobgoblins (M10), look your way & he says "Half-blood!!!", which in turn alets the other one as well. (gotta love the bonus hobbies get to their percep rolls :blink: )


Valken (delayed till here)


You move after the half-orc, your get up to the door when one is alerted to the half-orc ranger's sneak attack, with that you mark the one that shouted.


Round #1 ends, Round #2 begins

Haven't forgotten yah, Spike.--I'll get your combat actions up tomorrow with that map!!!

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Grins Like Hyena takes a small hop backwards and gnashes his teeth in retaliation for the fiery barrel thrown his way. Still feeling the most threatened by the hulking Ogre, Grins catches the eye of his companion and waves his hands towards himself. Understanding its companion entirely, the hyena launches forward, its sharp, ghostly fangs tearing into the ogre's back.





Move Action : None

Standard Action : At Will - Stalker's Strike against Ogre

1d20+4 vs FORT = 18

IF Ogre is BLOODIED = 19


Damage - 1d10+4 = 6


IF HIT : Spirit Companion can flank with me and my allies until the end of my next turn.



(I bolded the flanking part so it will, hopefully, catch the eyes of my allies when they read this)

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Your companion turns around quickly & locks it's ghostly jaws on the ogre, but it's flesh is just too tough for it to sinks it's teeth into




awaiting actions!

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