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Rescue at Rivenroar

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Brannor reverses the grip on his longsword and holds it before the Ogre; invoking a prayer to Erathis to smite the fell creature. A wave of power flows forth from the young paladin and strikes the Ogre in the face, contorting its features into a rictus of pain.


"So long as you seek to harm others, so too shall you suffer their fate," the young Paladin calls above the din of battle!




Standard Action: On Pain of Death (Daily)

To hit: d20 +4 +2(flank) = 13 + 6 = 19 vs Will

Damage: 3d8 +4 = 10 (7,1,2 :grr:) +4 = 14

+1d8 = 4 every turn the Ogre makes an attack (save ends)

Miss: Half damage = 7, +1d4 = 2 every turn the Ogre makes an attack (save ends)


[OOC] Arrrgggh totally blown daily!!! Bad damage rolls!!! Insert string of cursewords[/OOC]



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Now now, Mr Paladin :wow:


(gotta love the grrr smiley is the only thing showing in the spoiler, ha ha)




Calling upon your god, Erathis, you invoke the powerful prayer "On Pain of Death", your sword glows red before you strike the mighty ogre. You strike the creature!!


The physical wound is a nasty slash on the creature's face (not that he was Mr. Charisma in the first place ::):), but you feel your prayer's power fade as you pull your weapon back, but you know it's power will linger, unless the creature can resist the dvinie energies now seeping through it's body.


Damage: 14 to the Ogre


(still not bloodied-- :devil: )


(Oooooooo baddies turn---will be tomorrow, need to crash, been up since oooohh 1 this morning :devil: :devil: )

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The ogre confuse for a sec, knows everything isn't right in his head but seeing the 2 bodies in front of him, clear his thoughts enough that he lifts his right arm with the Greatclub & he brings it down on Brannor ( rolled a d12 50/50+2 odds to lessen Brannor's odds). The large "stick" of wood smashes the young paladin across his shoulder for 12 pts of damage!! The ogre howls with excitement as the club plows into the paladin, but suddenly he lets out a "AGHHHH!!" painful yelp as the holy ritual that Brannor used last round reacts to the ogre harming someone. The ogre takes -9 pts of damage! The ogres tries to resist the spell, but you see a trickle of blood come from his nose, he takes 5 pts of damage for his effort & the spell continues (rolled a 1 on the save :lol: )


OGRE-- 14 pts of damage

Brannor 12 pts of damage




The one with the bow, pulls back & fires a arrow at Kannite! With little effort the half-orc is able to knock the pitiful shot away with one of his blades!



The other follows suit & fires at Kannite as well. As Kannite swaps the arrow away, this one lands in his shoulder!!

Kannite takes 9 pts of damage!




The Fires spread, a slight wind in the area pushes most of the fires either N or NW. None of them are in danger, thou if the winds shift, the fire by Grins' may pose a threat!




awaiting actions




The spell flies past the goblin & harmlessly dissipates in the street.


Seeing that your spell miss, you decide to break away for a second & remove the arrows, not wanting to look like a target dummy, you quickly pull out the crude arrows. Throwing them aside you take a deep breath & feel yourself refreshed to fight onward!!


Healing Surge : Mark off 1 & you heal for 6 pts of damage


As you peek around the corner, you see the goblins have changed their tactics & one has pulled a dagger out & is advancing upon you. It's the one that was behind the bush. He moves up 6 squares (will indicate his spot on the new map, he is about halfway).


The other one pulls anther arrow from his quiver & lets it fly in your direction. Your tactic of moving behind the building corner pays off as the arrow breaks in two & the goblin again spouts off something in goblin.


(will have that updated map up tomorrow for yah)

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Akaru throws another magic missile toward the goblin across the street, but as soon as it leaves her palm she sees that it will likely miss its target as did the previous one. Seeing that the other goblin is advancing with dagger drawn, she rethinks her tactics and draws her own dagger.


Standard action: Magic Missile (3 +3 = 6 ..no need to roll possible damage)

Minor action: draw dagger

Move action: If she did not use her move action at the start to move up and shoot, she will use it to move backward 3 squares along the wall which she is taking cover behind. (not sure how long that side-street is)

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(Sorry. Didn't notice it was my turn.)


Rolf summons the primal power of the Wildblood Frenzy, his blood boiling as he makes two powerful attacls against the ogre. He then yells at the beast as he carefully shifts backwards. "Come on then, you ugly mutt! Let's have a chase!" Rolf's hope is to set his paladin ally up for an attack on their foe.


Free action: Mark the ogre


Standard Action: Wildblood Frenzy

First attack: 1d20+7 → [18,7] = (25) vs. AC. If it hits, 1d10+7 → [9,7] = (16) points of damage.

Second Attack: 1d20+7 → [15,7] = (22) vs. AC. If it hits, 1d10+7 → [2,7] = (9) points of damage.


Move Action: Shift to L16.

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It's almost like the primal spirits, rises up & gives you extra strength to defeat this creature. You take a mighty swing at the ogre & strike for 16 pts of damage!! On your backswing, you strike it again for anther 9 pts of damage, for a grand total of 25 pts of damage!!!


The creature howls in pain, as you scream at the creature & make your move away from the ogre, you can see you've acquired it's full attention now!!!


Kannite & Valken


awaiting actions


(note the one that struck Kannite is #2 (the one on the south side of the wagon)

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Snapping the shaft of the arrow sticking out of his shoulder, Kaanite narrows his eyes at the Hobgoblin responsible for the biting wound and bellows a challenge. With a sudden burst of speed he sprints the short distance to the end of the wagon, launching himself into the air and landing on the end of the wagon with grace that belies his orcish nature. He swings his twin blades at each hobgoblin.



Move to N9

Hunter's Quarry on hobgoblin #2

(1/2) Twin Strike Attack/damage rolls and Hunter's Quarry damage, hobgoblin #2 (1d20+8=22, 1d8+5=6, 1d6=4)

(2/2) Twin Strike attack/damage, Furious assault damage, hobgoblin #1 (1d20+8=17, 1d8+5=11, 1d8+5=11)


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The sting of the arrow is felt as you rip the arrow out & charge the hobgoblins, with a leap you jump onto the wagon & in a instant, you swing one blade at the hobgoblin that struck you with the arrow. He tries to draw his longsword to block the blade, but the sword finds it's mark & strikes the hobgoblin for 10 pts of damage!!


(Hobgoblin #2 10 pts of damage)


The other hobgoblin swing at you (his AofO) (his sword being near him) but he is slow to react, as you the duck the blow & slice at his legs. The sword slices deep for 22 pts of damage!! The hobgoblin screams out in pain (bloodied) as you rise back up to face both again.

(hobgoblin #1 22 pts of damage, Bloodied condition)




(awaiting actions)

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Moving parallel to his companions position to have a clear view of his target, Valken calls forth his dark gift and places a curse on the hobgoblin. Then with an outstretched arm he unleashes an Eldritch Blast at the creature



Valken's Attack Eldritch Blast vs Reflex 15, Blast = 11hps, Curse = 6hps, Total = 17hps of damage

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Your spell just hits the hobgoblin! (Which one?)


End of Round #2, Start Round #3


(will have the updated map later today (pretty much the same except for Rolf has moved 1 square away & Kannite is now on the wagon, enaged in combat with Hobgoblin #2) + Spike's map as well!)


Grins like Hyena


awaiting actions!!

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Realizing the Ogre might be a little too tough to take head on, Grins decides to have his spirit companion attack one of the hobgoblins which should, hopefully, let his materialized companion indirectly assist his companions in felling the large beast.


Sprinting forward away from the fires, Grins gives the order to attack; his companion turning and ripping at the hobgoblin.





Move Action : To J15

Standard Action : At Will - Stalker's Strike against Hobgoblin (bloodied one)

1d20+4 (+1 for being bloodied) vs FORT = 7



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Fast-Forward a bit!!


The ugly beast moans & lets out roar as Kaanite, drives his blades into the back of the ogre.Also at the same time Rolf takes a big slash, the creature slumps to the ground, close to death. Grins commands his spirit hyena to finish off the creature, as it clamps onto it shoulder & tears a sizeable chunk from it's flesh. "Raaaaaaaaaawwwwwr!!!!!!!.........." the ogre cries out as it crashes to the ground, dead.


When the ogre hits the ground, the gathered crowd cheers out. They came from the North, most likely the crowd that ran past the party before the encounter with the ogre. The Victory is without cost thou. As the party had moved into finish off the hobgoblins in the cart, a sneaky goblin blackblade backstabbed Valken, it's dirty blade piercing the sorcerer's back & through his chest. Killing him on the spot, the blade was coated with a black liquid, a poison of some sorts. Also the young paladin was caught in a great furious "baseball swing" from the ogre, sending him into the air & across the street into a building wall, but wait the paladin stirs! The injury was great but not enough to fell the warrior.


Suddenly, the realization that the buildings were on fire & burning fast, jar the townsfolk out of the revelry that they form bucket brigades to start to qwell the fires. It also appears the town is starting to get the upperhand on the raiders, which has only 1 common fact about them, all are wearing the upside down red hand print.




The goblin slips around the building & comes at you with it's blade, your able to get a quick blast of magic off as it charges, the magical energies strike it squarely in the face, it screams out in pain! The creature is about to realiate when suddenly two crossbow bolts come flying from the left & drop the creature! You see it's a guardsman, at first he thinks you might be part of the group as he points the empty crossbow at you, but he then cries out "Citizen are you ok?" You confirm your fine & he moves on down the street. You take a look at the goblin & notice on it's dirty leather armor, there is a upside-down hand print on it's armor. The other goblin is no were to be seen but from the amount of guards now in the area, your pretty sure the creature was scared off.


You make your way to the college, as you get to the building, there are dozens of people with water buckets quenching the fires, it appears that the raid is over. There a many humanoid corpses littered all over the grounds. Goblins, hobgoblins & a ogre are among the raiders, again you see the upside-down red handprint.

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Akaru quickly surveys the area for more hostile creatures, but upon seeing none, she decides to pitch in and help fight the fires. She seeks out one of the people carrying water to put out the fires and offers her help.


"I can help..if you need.", she says, hoping her sincerity will be evident. All the whle she is careful not to get in the way of the bucket-brigade's work.

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Seeing Valken on the ground with a blade protruding from his back, Kaanite rushes to his side. Seeing the color and heat drained from Valken's body, Kaanite lowers his head momentarily and mourns the loss of a courageous warrior.


"Your death will not have been in vain, Sorcerer."

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Brannor drags himself off the ground and brushes the dust and debris from his clothing and rotates his shoulder, wincing slightly. "That beast certainly swings a nasty tree." Seeing the fallen warlock, the young paladin pauses and kneels beside the fallen body. Removing the blade and placing it beside the fallen comrade, the young man closes his comrade's eyes and composes the body. After a brief prayer to send his soul in peace, Brannor regains his feet.


His voice booming above the sounds of battle he calls out to the townsfolk. "This stranger gave his life to protect you. The Hand have returned. Did you learn nothing of their last passing? Rise up and defend yourselves and your city. Let the Hand take not another life."


"If this battle with the Ogre has taught me anything, it is that I am ill equipped for a prolonged skirmish. If you are willing to follow me, I need to retrieve my armor from the church. If my brothers are there, they should be able to provide healing, and the temple would make an excellent rally point for us and the townsfolk."


[Added] Brannor spends 2 healing surges since this is a short rest. HP: 30, Surges: 9, Encounter powers back, Daily still spent [/end]

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