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warlord missions

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I wish to run a small tournament start september. When people have tried their hands at 2nd edition.

Alot of new players have seen the light hehe....


Though just to have people hacking eachother to bits (always good fun) I would like some missions/scenarioes.


Have any been made? Will there be some in the book?


Or should I just try to make some my self?


Yours in gaming


Lord Siwoc

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Cool, never saw those pages before! Due to my own lack of looking, but still. Glad to have come across them. They're definitely getting copied!


I've posted a set of rules that some friends and I cooked up for a gladiator arena type scenario. It's practically a different game, really, each player gets 4 models and that's it. But we always had a grand time playing it. Once the new edition is out I'll update it and re-post it. If you can't wait, here's the gist of it:


-each player gets 4 models (leaders, elites, or solos) which all count as solos for the scenario. They can use 400 points, no more than 40 points in equipment.

-build your map around six equidistant poker chips.. imagine them as points on a hex with around a foot in between each one. Add terrain as you see fit, making sure that each poker chip is "equal" - no advantage to being at any given poker chip.

-The poker chips are spawn points. Assign each one a number 1-6. To begin, each player rolls a d6 and places all 4 models on the appropriate spawn point.

-at the beginning of each subsequent round, any models killed respawn. Roll a d6 to see which spot they respawn at. No model can respawn at a point occupied by an enemy model.

-score points equal to the models you finish off.



There were some more details in there, and we even had a couple "standard" maps cooked up. But that'll get you started at any rate. It's obviously not a standard scenario because it messes with the rules of building your army in a dramatic way. I'll have to make it all fancy for when the new rulebook comes out :D That's for later though!

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does anyone have info on the dimensions used at RC'09 for objective markers in the Siege Engine and Supply Run scenarios?


For the Siege Engine scenario for instance how big was the siege engine and how long were the ropes?

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