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Speed painting with army painter "quick shade"

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I have been playing with a product called Army Painter "Quick Shade" which is a "dip" mixture tailored for miniature painting. It's a bit on the pricey side, but I'm suprised at 1.) how nice an effect it gives & 2.) the damn near bulletproof coating it puts on the mini. I have thrown minis across the room with no damage to the paintjob (it was an interesting test, to say the least) A quick blast of dullcote kills the shine pretty well. I just apply clean base coats to the minis, let them dry, dip, shake the mini really hard about 6-8 times & then set them down to dry. After 12 hours of drying time, they are ready for basing & a blast of dullcote...Right now, I can crank out about 5 orcs an hour...

This is the product:



Here is a before, with the basecoats:



And here is after drying for 12 hours




I'm using the GW orcs as test victims for this technique, just in case it didn't work right, that way I haven't ruined any miniatures I really like & would care about :D

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Love those results!


I must admit that I use the Army Painter dip too. It's just amazing for speed painting. I really can't believe the things you can achieve with it, especially on non-human, very textures sculpts.


It's pretty much :wub: for me.

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I've heard of people using the minwax products,but does it give it the same hard clearcoat in addition to the shading? I like the one-step, 5 figs an hour painting rate it allows. Finishing 20 minis in a night takes the bite out of painting an army & lets me spend more time on characters

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Wow, it does look like a good job, but I think you can get the same results with brown liner, GW Wash, and Future Floor wax for a smaller price.


I know I definitely can't get the same results with that mixture. The transitions using the quick shade are so much smoother. They almost look blended. It also works as a really good gloss varnish, so the paintjobs are protected really well. I need to take some pictures of the BF's Hordes army at some point. I really can't believe the results he gets with this stuff.

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Essentially the quick shade stuff is minwax (not exactly but close). The difference being you can get more subtle shades with the quick shade whereas you have to sit at the minwax display and really make some decisions since its only going to show you how it looks on wood. However, with a little effort and a lot of careful consideration you can select miniwax colors that will do the same thing. Same technique, same hard shell, same follow up with a matte sealer to kill the shine, for something like a third of the cost. Quick Shade allows you that dash in and grab approach at your FLGS as opposed to your FLHS.

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I dip almost everything in some MinWax or Army Painter dip. The old expression "You can't polish a turd" has been proved wrong, as the Army Painter dip actually improved a paintjob I did some time back on a Heresy Ogre. I don't have the time to strip and repaint everything, and I strip a LOT of models already.


I just tell people to have Q-Tips handy when doing any dipping to get the excess off, and the Army Painter products are NOT the same as the wood varnish.


I don't think Army Painter dip will appeal to people who don't use MinWax anyway. Some folks don't even use Dull Coate or other sealers, as they are purists, and that's cool too.

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I finally got to try this and I'm happy with the results.


Though I will say one thing. Never for any reason you can imagine ever, ever make the mistake I made. As follows.


I managed to break my mini and loose it's shield in the dip. So my idea to get it out was to take some of that sticky putty that you use for posters and such, (I use it to hold minis on stands to paint them.) Anyhow I stuck some on the end of a brush and poked around in there until I got my shield.


It seems that dip melts the putty, and the putty turns into the most sticky substance on the planet. My word.. I pulled the gob of stuff off my brush and then it was all over me. I had to wash and scrub and like to never have gotten it off. Awful...


Though the dip worked wonders.

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