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3405 Black Orc Hero

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So, my wife and I moved in April. Spent a couple months after that fixing up the old house, and then focused on the new house. Weekends were lost as we painted and trimmed and mowed and unpacked. On the plus side, we found a bunch of stuff to sell in a garage sale. On the negative side, I lost about 4 months from painting.


But, with GenCon looming, and finally getting some free time, I cranked out this one.


What I've noticed: My painting skills declined. I really tried to focus on zenithal lighting, but my old habits showed through. Yeah, some deeper shadows and/or darklining are needed. And, I've forgotten how to work my camera.


Still, it's good to be back painting!






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Welcome back to painting. I haven't been able to paint in some time myself. I have been looking at this mini for a while. I really like it now that I see it painted. Nice work IMO. I would have chosen a different color for his hands and the underside of his forearm. It looks too close to his metal armor color and almost appears metallic. Maybe the color of his boots or skirt under his chainmail.

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Great job on this one!


A nice simple palette and I think you did good work on the highlights.


I've had one of him here since right after RCon and STILL need to get going on him. He looks like a fun model to paint.

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