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10 penny nails and hot glue?


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I use the cap to anything -- soda bottles, vitamin tops (my favorite), baby food caps -- and superglue. I like tops that extend a bit to each side of the mini so that I can prime the top as well as the fig and use it as a test palette while painting.


For figs with slotted bases, I cut up the extra plastic tray dividers from my art box into narrow strips, cut a slot in the middle, then insert and glue the mini. When done, I base the fig normally. Again, I like to prime this holder to use as a test palette.


While the nail wouldn't afford me the palette (though it's a good idea otherwise), I do like the hot glue method. Superglue is too brittle at times and every once in a while a fig will slip off and fall. I'll have to try the hot glue.

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Since lately I am removing tabs/broccoli bases from most of the minis I work with

Errex, can you share your methods of removing bases?

Normally, I clip away as much of the broccoli base with a pair of wire cutters (these are the same as the GW clippers, but a lot cheaper if you get them from a normal hardware store), and then I file away the rest.


Tabs are even simpler to remove, and this one of the reasons I like so much the Warlord minis.

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