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This is just a reminder that if you live within reach of the Reaper HQ, I will be throwing a Reaper Release Party Tournament this Saturday, August 1st, up at the Asylum. It will be on Saturday, starting at 11:00 am. It will be a 3 round event. 1000 point armies. With it being the new rules, along with some of our tournament based spins that we are putting on the tourney, each round will last 2 hours.


There is a $0 entry fee, so most people should be able to afford it.


So, come one, come all, and test yer wits and skills.


At this time, I have 16 people people pre-registered for the tourney. So, even if you are new to Warlord altogether, this could be well worth the trip to be able to see and learn from lots of people and their varied use of factions and tactics.


The tourney is restricted to the core 10 factions found in the new rule book.

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Being that this tourney is happening so soon after the release, this tourney is made up of three 2 hour straight up head to head games. No need for tossing on scenario items on top of the new rules for this particular tourney. Opponents for each round will be luck of the draw. In fact, after the first round, what army each person plays with will also be luck of the draw.


I know some people might not like this idea, but this is to help celebrate the new Release. I want to introduce people to the new look and feel that we have given each faction. Let them see that even tho every army might have the same elements (spellcasters, archers, warriors, solos, etc..) they each have a completely different feel and style to them.


It also happens that I have a bunch of the play testers that have been involved for 6 months or more coming to the tourney. But, even they kinda started to pick their favorite factions and got stuck in them. So, this format also helps keep them on a more fair playing field with those less experienced players that are coming too.


So, in summary, you will need to bring 3 copies of your list. And if you have a problem with other players handling your minis, then you will need to let me know ahead of time your list so that I can get the models necessary. They will still play your list, just maybe not with your models.



No worries friend. We play every Friday night. If you miss this time, you can still make any of the regular game nights.

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Just wanted to say thanks to all those that came out and made it a successful day. We started the day with 14 players and had some more show up a little later in the day. I am excited about where this game is heading and glad to be a part of it.


All in all, the factions we had show up today:


3x Overlord

3x Dwarf

2x Elf

2x Nefsokar

1x Crusader

2x Reven

1x Mercenary

1x Reptus

1x Darkspawn


Only core faction that was not represented at all during the day was Necropolis. I was surprised on that one.


But, I have to say that the star of the whole day, in my opinion was John Neff's son. This boy will be starting 3RD grade in a couple weeks and he new the rule book as well as if not better than me. He was amazing. And he was going around giving people battle tactics and strategies to maximize their synergies of their models. He was as serious a contender as any other person in the building. I was thoroughly impressed. It was fun watching him play his game against someone at one table, here his father get frustrated and ask a question over at a completely different table , and he would yell across the room the answer to his dad and then go right back to his game not skipping a beat. I could talk about him for hours i think. He is welcome to come game with me anytime. By the way, he played Reven, while his dad played Nefsokar.

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