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Overview of changes from Warlord 1 to Warlord 2

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This is an overview of the changes from the 1st edition of the game to the 2nd. It is not comprehensive, but does cover all of the major stuff.



Things NOT in WL 2.0 that were in previous versions of the game:


25% merc rule

Adepts & Grunts (They are all just Soldiers now)

All Alone

Army sublists (replaced with Faction Doctrines)

Buying spells (A completly new magic system allows you to pick your spells during the game - the cost of which is already included in the cost of the spellcaster)


Coup de Grace (Tough checks now happen at the end of the Fight Action)

Defensive Magic (replaced with a simple Counterspell system)

Elevation adding to ranged attack ranges

Elites to soldiers ratio

Freelance Companies (Everyone has to pick a faction)

Generic datacards

Leaving downed models (dead or not quite dead) on the battlefield

Rear facing (every side of the model is treated the same)


Warlord requirement in list construction for large games




Things that are in WL 2 but the rules have changed:


AOE is done in Diameter now instead of Radius

Chain of Command for army building (now just need 1 non-sergeant if 3 or more leaders & leaders cannot lead soldiers of higher point cost)

Dwarven Griffon is now on a Large base instead of a Giant (this was the only base change I believe, and was done to fend off a large price increase, as we can replace the 2" metal base with a 1.5" plastic one)

Leaving btb with an enemy (if you are bigger than the enemy, you can break away for free)

Ranged attacks now use range bands of Normal Range and Extended Range

Reach now allows an attack rather than giving a bonus to others

Support bonuses (you get a flat +1 if there are 3 or more models in B2B)

The definition of what constitutes B2B contact - any physical contact between bases is good (even corner-to-corner)

The meaning of the Troop Capacity notation (minimum soldiers - maximum soldiers / max elites) (leader isn't included in those numbers)

Warmaster (Every model gets all of their attacks during Defensive Strikes)

You can now move through friendly models

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I'd like to keep this post clean of clutter so that folks looking to see the differences can just read through the list. I created an unpinned topic for folks to continue discussion any of the changes, or have questions about why A was moved to B etc.


You can find that list right... HERE


I'm going to lock this one up for now. If Gus needs to add in anything new, he can always unlock it and make the addition(s) as necessary

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