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400-pound Elven Princess

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More or less on a dare, from this thread:



The painting's ok, and I'd be hard-pressed to call the sculpting on the chainmail bikini much more than quarter-assed, but that's not really the point here.




After all, why shouldn't the occasional Elven Princess not be able to count her ribs in a mirror 50 paces away?


Chainmail bikini and ears added to a HorrorClix figure, and there's still the top of the stool the original figure was sitting on in there somewhere. Best not to think about that.

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She needs a mike in her hand. Nothing like 400lb, Elven Princess Karyoke!




I thought I had read

"Nothing like 400lb, Elvis Princess Karyoke!" :lol:

Wow, this mini is doing all sorts of strange things to my eyes.



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