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Foot loose

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this comes up about every other month or so.


old threads that might help answer this are:




and here.


and also here.


most people are using nail clippers, jewelry pliers/clippers, wire snips, or saws.


it is a matter of personal preference, and trial and error.


hope this helps some.


welcome to the boards,


cbs :upside:

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Welcome ROUS!  


I once tried to trim the brocolli base off a mini, but then it weakened the lower half so much that it would bend and creak threatenly if handled too much.


Now, I simply glue the brocolli base right onto a plastic "GW" base (though other companies seem to be producing them now as well) and build up the seam with glue and sand mix.  Then simply scenic as desired.  


I find that by gluing straight onto the base this way adds a bit of height to the DHA minis, (which I like, brings them more what I consider to be "inscope" with the Warlord and "Third Party Minis" I own.)  As has been discussed before, YMMV concerning the scale of the mini ranges.


Regardless of scale issues though, a bigger base means more fun scenic-ing it!

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