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Chronoscope Sasquatch


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I see others are posting their summer painting contest entries in this forum, so I figured I'd add mine as well. This is a conversion of the Reaper Chronoscope Sasquatch figure (50011). I had alot of fun with this one. Hope you like the changes for the summer theme. The beer bottle, cooler, hat and swimsuit were all made with green stuff.









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Wow, if this contest were put to a poll, I'd be hard pressed not to vote for this beauty. It's a beautifully conceived and executed model. The sculpting is terrific, and the shiner logos are spot on. And I love the shorts.


Honestly, I want to go drink a beer with the wookie/ape man/bigfoot thing (as long as it doesn't do me harm).

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I loved this one as soon as I saw it in the contest. It's such a fun conversion, great job! You're a very good sculptor. That's one area where I struggle. Fantastic!


How did you do the label on the bottle and the cooler? Did you paint them?

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