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I want a minty sword in Warlord now


Done :poke:



Type: Weapon


Cost: 20


Models with the Construct special ability are unaffected by the special abilities of this weapon.


Undead models are repelled by the minty fresh power of this sword. Models with SA: Undead must pass a discipline check with a -2 penalty when attempting to come into base to base contact with the Model wielding this weapon. If the wielder already possesses a SA that requires a discipline check to make b2b contact, this is made at a -2 penalty. When attempting to break b2b contact, Undead models are granted a +2 bonus to their discipline check.


All other Model's feel an unnatural attraction to the Model bearing this weapon. They gain a +2 bonus to any Discipline checks required to establish b2b contact with the wielder. The power of the minty freshness compels these Models to stay. Models suffer a -2 penalty to Discipline checks in order to break b2b contact with the wielder.

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Looks like he's a cousin of some very angry beavers. *shudders* Bad memories, bad memories...


I know who ECHIDNOX is!!!


He is a werebeaver!!!! :upside:


He most certainly is not a werebeaver.



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