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Who's going to GenCon?


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Alas, anther GC I won't be able to attend. Since coming into rpgs, minis, wargames etc I've always wanted to go GC. One year I will!!!





I feel your pain Haldir, it's on my "bucket list" thats fer sure! :upside:


I agree with both of you! The past two years I couldn't go either due to financial reasons or being pregnant. This year it's financial and having a 6 mo. old kid. Next year - I'm taking that 18 mo. old to GenCon! Yeah!


... I hope... hehe

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Come on that's no excuse. My oldest was at his first convention when he was not quite 4 months old. I think he went to three conventions that year.



Wow! Now that's how you start creating a "Die-hard" Gamer!!! hahahahaha

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