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2009/2001 Reaper Fantasy football season


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If you had a player in 07 & you kept him for this season he is 2 pts (example for me is Philip Rivers. I've had him since I've started, before 07 so he is worth 2 pts as I'm keeping him). Players you acquired in 08 wether it was by draft or free agency are worth 1 pt (again, example for me is Steve Slaton, rookie in 08 so he is 1 pt for me). Pt total is 8 pts.


Make sense?


btw 22 is fine by me (I think I sent my email to the espnfantasy.com bot ha ha). Last day of this week's vacation for me but still vacation.


Everything was fine for me for the draft (Had to reset my espn password, but hey when do I not reset that damn thing, ha ha)



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So far, the following teams have officially selected their keepers on the site:


Cancer Beaters

Groo and the Wanderers

Arizona Cardinals

Haldir's Hellions


All you need to do is go to your team page and click "Select Keepers" and check mark the players that you want to keep. Please try to get this done as soon as you can so that we can all start making battle plans for Saturday.




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I would like to add that there are teams that have more than 8 points available for them to use. These are mostly from points that were not used last season and were therefore banked or were received as part of trades. So if your sheets have more than 8 points that's why.


Here's a list:

Rocky Mountain Dwarven Stouts +2

Cheyenne Mountain Dwarves +1

Cancer Beaters +4

Arizona Cardinals +6

Forgewalk Minions +1

Ritterlich Tigers +1


Again points you do not use are banked for future use.

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I just noticed the ESPN live draft is a snake draft. Last year we agreed we were not doing a snake draft. I would not have purposely tanked my season at the end had I known we were changing to a snake draft. Or are you able to adjust this as league manager?

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