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2009/2001 Reaper Fantasy football season


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I was thinking the same thing, until the Minions did their best Patriots impersonation.


Play average to poor through most of the game, get stomped on by a team playing better football, and then, at the last minute tearing victory from the jaws of defeat with a one point win!

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Well if took the team that rolled whoever they played last week then I guess he is set for the season ha ha ha


Welcome to the league!!


Trophies, hell might as well. That way we can ridicule whoever get the "girly-man" one :devil:


Ah yes the annual Hellions vs Minions match up. Ha ha.........

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Total Suck-age on my team!! How on earth does DeSean Jackson get zilch & the Eagles get like 30, 40 pts vs the Yuks?? HOW?!?! Other then Maclin finally deciding to show up to the big boys game.


I've had 1 really good week. Other then that my guys can barely score. Getting fustrating, epically since I have good players, just they don't show up when I need them. Haven't check tonight, but I may break the 50 mark!!


(got Sanchez & the Jets (how this is the #1 D in the nfl, I have no idea) playin now)




(just looked, wahooo 56!!!!! <_<:lol: )

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