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Lupine Slayer


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Here's the latest off the table. I painted this one up for Prophet here at Reaper for the summer exchange. He uses both the lupines and the Razig for his army. I chose the lupines ::): The coloring on the coat was taken after a steppe wolf and the metallics were done with a "shaded" technique popularized by Automaton. I kept the base relatively simple since it's going to be destroying the enemy on the table. Thanks to Joe for organizing this as well. Please let me know if you have any questions, critiques, or comments. I'd be happy to answer any questions and hear what you all think. Special thanks (again) to Talespinner and Olliekickflip for their advice during the process. Enjoy!






And of course what posting would be complete without a plea to keep the CMoN snipers off me :D:



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Prophet--I hope you enjoy him and get alot of use out of him. It was a pleasure to paint him up for you.

Brushmaster, Capt, Scotty, Haldir, VV, and Thasia--thank you very much!

Whiz--thanks for the stamp of approval!

MikeD and Beowulf--I liked the colors as well when I was going through the various reference pics. Nature really does supply some marvelous examples to borrow...

David--steal away! I wouldn't have gotten to where I am today without a steady filching of other's ideas and references, hehe.

Ravenwood--as Talespinner and I were discussing our shaded metallics on our most recent pieces, I did a quick little mini step by step on how I did mine. I'll start a new thread over at the painting tips section later today or tomorrow.

TS--As always, your input is so helpful. Thanks again.


Again, if anyone has any questions about what I did, let me know! I'd definitely be interested in points to improve on as well.

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