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03398: Liriel Silverlocks

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So in This Thread, I asked for thoughts on which miniature would make a good Kvothe from The Name of the Wind.


In looking through the Online Store, I came across 3398: Liriel Silverlocks. And I kind of like her for the part.




Now, I know she's a she. So, my question to those who have seen her in hand is: how 'female' is this character? Are her breasts prominent behind the musical instrument? Or were I to file the ears away, would she pass as a young man? Teenage boy?


Thanks for any insight.


-D. ::D:

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I wanted to show you a WIP shot of the sculpt before the mantle went on ... but this thread seems to be prohibiting me from attaching an image.


Anyway, the lute used to sit lower on her lap and her curves used to be more visible from the front, but this pose left a gap behind the lute's neck. I reposed the lute to be closer to her torso, and then the mantle bulked up her shoulders and chest a bit.


She did turn out looking like a near-twin to Werner's (male) elf archer Niriodel, and I think I read a review that consistently called her a "him". The concept art is on the cover of CasketWorks #7 -- Liriel playing for a group of gargoyles.


With differences in painting, you could probably swing her male, but I hope to see (and eventually to paint, myself) a version that lays to rest any gender confusion.



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She could look like a male elf, but definitely an elf, ears or no ears.


I'll take that to mean that the face looks clearly elven, and so I'll thank you for the compliment. :;):


Some paint-plastic-surgery might help counter the sharp chin and big slanted eyes.

You might also decide to do some more active alterations (chopping and puttying) before painting.



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A little update: I received my Liriel in the mail today. She's perfect for the role of a young Kvothe. I'll trim the ears, and as Derek suggested, square off the chin a bit. But otherwise -- the bosom is so subdued as to be non-existent, and the swell of the hips is also subtle enough to be overlooked. So I'm quite psyched. My project can begin.


Thanks, all. ::D:


BTW -- Lovely sculpt, Derek.

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