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Chronoscope gaming.

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Which ones are you buying and what games are you using them for, if not just to collect and paint cuz they're kewl????

Well, I actally seem to be able to find a use for all the Chronoscope figures I buy. For example, the western figures work great for the cowboy skirmish games I play (Legends of the Old West). Of course the superheroes fit right in with the superhero RPGs I like to run (Mutants & Masterminds), and even some of the others can be fit into that genre (I'm even working up a storyline to feature Sasche as a time traveling rouge). I'll be picking up the British and Zulu packs just becuase I loved the move Zulu, but I suppose I could probably use them in a colonial skirmish game like The Sword & the Flame, too.


If you game long enough, and have as wide ranging interests as I do, you eventually end up with a box of games that such that you have at least one that will work for any figure you find! :rolleyes:

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Honestly, I haven't played games in a few years now. I just don't have the money for giant armies and expensive books. But I just stepped back into miniature painting because I saw these Chronoscope minis a few weeks ago. So far, my purchases have been Western and pulp era stuff. I don't have any games as of yet for them, but I'll be painting these soon. Perhaps someone has a suggestion for Pulp era games (ie Shadow, Doc Savage, Green Hornet, James Bond, detectives) or westerns.

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Zorro, Sascha, Ellen and Jack Harrison are all sitting on my pegboard in their blisters...Sascha and Ellen are both tapped for a Serenity game we will (some day) play, and Rosie and the not-Jayne fig will likely join that crew. Jack may, as well.


Zorro we have because he's cool.


Candy I have because she's cool, and I had an idea for base-work and additional GSing. She's actually almost done, likely finish her tonight or tomorrow. Absolutely no game-use for her at this time, though she could be a fun PC in BESM games (has anyone played BESM? No one in my group has, and I don't quite know enough to pitch the idea to them).


Veronica Blaze I have an awesome conversion for...haven't painted her yet, though.


If we ever play it again, there are some great Shadowrun options in Chronoscope, just not any I've bought yet.


I can see why some of the sculpts in Chronoscope don't appeal; some of them are very 2D/flat (Zorro suffers from this), and there are a few (the tech girl with the little droid comes to mind) that just seemed to lack detail when I saw them. But, I can point to a few DHL with the same problems, and the vast majority of the line really makes up for a handful of stinkers. On the whole, every release of Chronoscope has had at least one figure that made me wish we were playing a game we could use them in.

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I use Rosie, Veronica, Sasha and several others for MechWarrior campaign. The western figs for Deadlands. The WWII ones for Weird Wars and when I fiddle around with the Reich of the Dead old rules.


you have a copy of the old rules?!?

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I have been grabbing CS minis for the cool factor, but I have found minis in the CS line that I just couldn't pass up for my Dark Heresy games:


50145: Dr. Totenkranz - Evil NPC

50112: Phat Clark - Gang Boss/ Bounty Hunter/ Arbite

50104: Jack Hammer - Melee combat servitor

50092: Lab Mutant - Generic ganger

50082: Cobra, Modern Ninja - Generic Assassin / Military Agent

50068: John Bishop, Space Marshal - NPC, Former Guardsman / Arbite

50016: Rosie, Chrono Technician - Generic Spaceport techie

50014: Nick Stone - NPC Merc

50007: Veronica Blaze - PC Dual-wield Assassin (Character name: Rhapsody Sparx)


A few more that I can't recall and a ton that I still want need to get (all the recently released spys, for instance).

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50016 Rosie, Chronotechnician - Converted into a Twi'lek for the Star Wars game I'm in now.

50024 Candy, Anime Heroine - Painted her skin pink and her hair purple, now she's a Zeltron


I already have Star Wars Saga character concepts built around various minis:


50028 Kirby, Space Privateer: Ace pilot

50040 Janus, Cybertech Hero: Gunslinger

50136 Female Andromedan Hunter: Cathar Martial Artist (after I remove the rifle of course)

50149 Natalia, Secret Agent: Cat Burglar

50156 Gretha, Female Sniper: Condition Track Sniper

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I'm running a game that's basically the TV series Firefly meets the rpg Metamorphosis Alpha meets the 2004 remake of Dawn of the Dead. I need a lot of different figures for this thing. Chronoscope provides me with good figures at a reasonable price that I don't have to order from another f'n country.

My only problem is that some of the 28mm figures don't look like they're 28mm. Especially that not-Patterson Bigfoot (I'm a cryptozoologist and I notice things like that).

I'm pretty happy with the whole thing so far.

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"My only problem is that some of the 28mm figures don't look like they're 28mm. Especially that not-Patterson Bigfoot (I'm a cryptozoologist and I notice things like that).

I'm pretty happy with the whole thing so far."




I don't give Reaper any hassle over scale now. Between the "Bryangles" at the sides of the pics, and the fact that this community is more than willing to help a brotha' out with a comparison pic, one should never fret over scale. If it don't fit, you must acquit.

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