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Chronoscope gaming.

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I bought a bunch of these because I like the look. I'll decide which game they would work with later. The zombies and pulp heroes I bought may go with Call of Cthulhu. Or they could be used in Shadowrun, a Pulp Heroes Basic Role Playing game or even Traveller whichever I find the time to run this year. I bought some specifically to be part of my Dark Eldar army, Moxy (50115) and a Sligg Warrior (50017) are retinue for the Archon. I would buy more Sligg just to build some sort of army with them. And finally I am buying some to be a part of a scenery piece I am building, people to be in rooms in a three story tower.

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Here are a bunch of NOVA guys we painted up and are using for Clone Trooper for our Star Wars RPG.


Next on the schedule is to paint up a squad blue like the Coruscant Senate Guards.


I never would have wanted to play any game in Lucas' setting until I saw your paint on some Reaper figs. Wow.

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I've used the western figures for Gutshot!, although I'd dearly love to see gun rules for the Warlord system.


Zombies and zombie hunters are most useful for a variety of zombie games.

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I'm running a Champions campaign (mainly for my wife) and have been scouring the web for miniatures that can serve as superheroes and supervillains. Reaper/Chronoscope was one of my first stops, and here's who they all are in my campaign (not all strictly Chronoscope, but still):

Ninja of the Ghost Dragon Clan: Shinobi (from Strike Force)--modern ninja

Kelly, Corporate Assassin: Hair-Trigger, leader of the teenage criminals "The Dream Girls" (based loosely on the Enforcers, from Spider-Man)

Candy, Anime Heroine: Cheerleader, member of the Dream Girls (Fancy Dan)

Whitney, Anime Heroine: Ronina, member of the Dream Girls (Montana)

Peaches, Biker Girl: Trona, member of the Dream Girls (Ox)

Ebony Foxx, Modern Heroine: Sugar, member of the Dream Girls

Ape-X: Apex, cyborg ape villain

Dryad: Autumn Bloom (based on a COV character)

Slade, Cyborg Hero: Auxiliary Jack, cyborg hero

Clay Golem: Behemoth (essentially my Hulk)

Onyx Overlord: the Black Knight (villain based in UK)

Lab Mutant: Mondo and Rondo, the Bully Boys (I have two of them, so they're loosely based on the Mauler Twins from Invincible)

Torrent: Calypso (a female Sub-Mariner)

ALF-24: Clockwork Kid (based on a COH character)

Black Mist: Death Penalty (vigilante; cross between the Shadow and the Punisher)

Warlord Kang: Doctor Sin (cross between Doctor Doom and the Mandarin--with his "Seven Deadly Rings" that incite sin)

Bonzo the Killer Clown: Funnybones (my version of the Joker)

Twister: Gale Force (essentially Vortex from The Elementals)

Incredible Woman: Gammazon (She-Hulk/Wonder Woman cross, based on a COH character)

Stone Golem: the Golem (hired muscle for criminal leader)

Angel of Radiance: Godsend (essentially the Specter, but divinely motivated)

Hangin' Judge: Hanging Judge (vigilante with magical weapons)

Harpy: Harpy (an ancient curse forces her to punish evil men)

Alien Overlord Boss: Headstrong (psychic villain)

Devil Girl: Hellion ("the Devil's daughter")

Turk, Space Salvager: Hi-Fi (sonic weapons--I'm planning to sculpt a small dish on the end of his gun)

Marie, She-Bot: Iron Maiden (armored teen heroine)

Nightslip: Killer Queen (vigilante with high-tech gear)

Frank Russo: Killshot (assassin who specializes in supers)

Jack the Ripper: KIllstreak (theme serial killer who always ups his body count by one with each killing spree)

Crystal Golem: King Coal (NYC gang boss with a rocky body and a heat blast)

Jungle Lord: Lord of the Urban Jungle (essentially a homeless version of Tarzan)

Wereshark: Mako (convicted criminal transformed by experiment)

Jeeves: Majordomo (personal bodyguard of major villain)

Tool Bot: Assembler, Mk. III (grunts of that same major villain)

Brigitte, Naughty Maid: Metal Maid (robot housekeeper-turned-superhero)

Ishio, Anime Heroine: Milk Maid (sidekick to gimmick hero Milkman)

Yvette, Magician's Assistant: Mysteria (villain with magical cards)

Phat Clark, Gang Boss: Mister Big (gang boss from the future)

Raptor: Mockingbird (inexperienced superhero)

Doctor Voodoo: Papa Sang, Voodoo Lord of New Orleans

Cleo, Weretigress: Pantera (from Classic Enemies)

Shadow Talon: Predator (the Boba Fett of supervillains)

Professor Kraken: Professor Kraken (villain, symbiotically linked with alien squid creature)

Inferno: Pyrotica (fire-using villain with "femme fatale" vibe)

Sandwoman: Quicksand (villain)

Bettie, Space Heroine: Red Hot & Her Cinnamon Gun (minor villain with pepper-spray gun)

Mega-Mutant: Ripper (straight out of Classic Enemies--once I get rid of the crossbow)

Silver Marksman: Robin Hoodie (anti-corporation vigilante)

Harvey, Psycho Killer: Sawbones (torturer for hire for gang bosses)

Professor L.T. Froschmeier, Scientist: Senor Science (villain with an "Impedigun")

Aysa, Necropolis Solo: Spectre (insubstantial minor villain)

Familiar (from Jungle Lord): Spider Monkey (intelligent chimp with "spider powers")

Captain Griffon: Mister Magnificent (hero with Superman-like powers)

Zenith: RetroRocket (speedster hero, based on COH character)

Aina, Valkyrie: Valkyrie (Nordic demi-goddess hero)

Sasquatch: Wendigo (superhero from Canada)

Cyborg Assassin: SWATbot (essentially RoboCop, based on COH character)

Smedley Cloverdash: Time Crunch (time-travelling supervillain, a la Kang the Conqueror)

El Diablo, Pro Wrestler: Turnbuckle (minor supervillain)

IMEF Marines: USMC "Godbuster Squad" (US Marines trained and equipped to deal with supers)
NOVA Corps: VIPER Strike Team (pretty much straight from Champions)

Kirby McDowell, Space Privateer: Vita-Man (essentially classic Hourman)

Dee Dee, Astro Girl: Vitamin Dee (Vita-Man's spunky teen sidekick)

Barak, Rhino Man: White Rhino (villain, South African cursed by a shaman)

Krissy, Modern Witch: White Witch (teenaged witch hero)

Crosswire: Powerhouse (villainous strongman)

Jackhammer: PIledriver (villainous strongman)

Xiang Lung: Xiang Shiwan (Tibetan villain--cross between Fu Manchu and Ra's al Ghul)

Blood Widow: Zombinatrix (based on a COV character; controls a small army of zombies)

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Looks like this one was resurrected, so I'll play.


My Chronoscope figs will eventually see action in a couple of different games.


Post apoc useable types (Rex, Rosie, etc) in games of Wastelands, and possibly "Nuclear renaissance" if the rules ever come in.

More Sci-fi'ish figs in skirmish games like Blasters and Bulkheads and In The emperor's Name

I've got a platoon of Nova Corp that will be used in platoon size games like Tomorrow's War and Warengine/Shockforce.


Lastly, it's a long shot, but if I can convince the group to play the new Osprey Steampunk/Victorian game "In Her Magesty's Name" then there will be a few Chronoscope figs in there also.

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I've been using the IMEF and a few others (Not really sure which range some of them are from though) for working out the rules of a skirmish game with some friends. A friend has a lot of heavily converted Cyber-Reavers for his force.


Mine currently has the IMEF for the majority with a few others that are close enough by other companies for specialists and a heavy power armor type.


I think there are only 3 players out of 10 who aren't using any of them, and 2 of those are using more expensive options and the last just had a bunch of mantic ghouls and zombies mixed and matched for his necromancer.

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I'm putting together an Inquisitorial retinue (GW's WH40K universe). I'm using the Novas from my Vampire Kickstarter package as the Inquisitor's troopers because I like the look. (I need to post pictures or even a link to pictures.) I'm planning on using the IMEF for Inquisitor troopers as well.

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