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Just got back from GIJoe

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Ok, just got back from seeing GIJoe...lets see. Over the top action scenes, constant explosions, and plot holes you could drive a mack truck through. I loved it. If you grew up on the cartoon and action figures you will like the small nods to the character histories. They got a bunch of things correct. Snake Eyes was a badass and had a ince entrance. The same goes for Scarlett who was smoking as was the Baroness. The plot was again paper thin, but then again so was every plot in the cartoon.

For those worried, the Acclerator Suits played a small role in the film. I would have liked to see many of the orignal Joes in the movie. Heavy Duty was a shell of what he should have been. I would have prefered Roadblock. Ripcord was ok by Marlon Wayans, but darnit the caracher should have been white. If they wanted to cast Wayans he could have been Alpine!


Without spoiling anyhitng, they set themselves up for a sequal. The ending was very poor and seemed ot be missing a few things. There where a few jokes for those who grew up with the toys (both versions). Cobra commander could have been better but his reveal got a nice reaction.

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they F'ed up Cobra Commander, at least from figure & other media preivew. He either had a chrome dome or he had a hood!! Not a clear mask with tubes!! How simple is that to replicate :huh:


I'll probably end up seeing this one dvd when it releases

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It was the worst movie I've seen this year. Only slightly better then Transformers 2, which wasn't even a movie, just pure awful on film.


I tried to like it, and if I had caught it as a late movie on a lonely Saturday night, would have liked it, but it was just so pants-on-head retarded that I couldn't quiet my inner Morbo: PARTICLE ACCELERATORS DO NOT WORK THAT WAY. GOODNIGHT! ICE DOES NOT WORK THAT WAY. GOODNIGHT!


They only named like seven joes, Duke, Ripcord, Heavy Duty, Scarlett, Snake Eyes, the tech guy, and Gen. Hawk.


Oh and the guy playing Duke was really really terrible. He's not even that good looking, how the bleeding heck did he even get to be an actor?! Everyone else gnaws scenery like they're starving.

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Oh and the special effects were pretty crappy. Some nice bits but overall really poor. Like Sci-fi channel movie poor.


There were lots of hilariously delivered lines though, I liked the pudgy chopper pilot at the start who flatly mention "oh no." When he was getting blown up by cobra's mars-attacks sounding death-rays.


You know what, I take it back, GI Joe was the best comedy I've seen in ages.

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If it ain't from the 1960s it ain't G.I. Joe.


I'm a grumpy old man.






And another thing... The Green Goblin looks like the guy in my avatar pic. Willem Dafoe's CGI suit is a travesty, and Sam Raimi is a heretic.

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