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Silver Dragon


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Hello again everyone. Its been quite a while since I've posted anything and wouldn't ya know it.... the first thing I do post isn't a mini. But this is so awesome I felt I just had to share it. A couple years back 1 of the 4 big Cottonwood trees in my yard came crashing down and it hit 1 of the other cottonwoods when it fell. After getting a good deal on having the downed tree removed (its good to have family/friends with connections in city park board). I brokered a deal to have 2 of the 3 remaining cottonwoods removed. When they removed the one in my front yard I told them to leave the stump at about 9 to 10 feet because I had an idea of having something carved out of it.


Well this year I figured out what I wanted and found a tree sculptor with the skills required and he lives here in the Twin Cities. For anyone that's interested his name is Curtis Ingvoldstad and his website is Wood Sculpture by Curtis. After meeting with Curtis and discussing what I had in mind we decided to do a Silver Dragon based mostly on Lockwoods' D&D's 3.5 ed. artwork. The sculpting, from start to finish took place over 13 sessions (4 hours per session on average). Everyday has been a treat. From watching it slowly take shape to talking to all the people who stop by to look at it.


No matter how badly I mess up a Star Wars/Star Trek/whatever trivia quiz - Nobody can take away my geek card ever again.


Curtis painted the entire beast himself except for the eyes. I pulled out my own brushes and paints and did those myself.











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love the head on that thing. the sculptor did a fantastic job on that. Heck, the whole thing is pretty sweet looking.


(I noticed the 2 FOR SALE signs thou...........I wonder if has something to do with the dragon, ha ha)



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Nice. Someone around here did something similar with an old tree stump, having it carved into some nordic looking faces. My wife saw that, and decided if either of our two trees have to come out/down, she wanted to do something similar - but she didn't know what.


Until I showed her this - now she wants a dragon, too.

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