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Silver Dragon


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The link to Curtis's website should be fixed (in the main post) if you wanted to look at more of his work.


The "For Sale" signs went up months ago - so the dragon had nothing to do with that. In fact, if anything my neighbors have become even more neighborly and I've heard nothing but compliments. But it also means that if you wanted to bask in its Awesomeness there are 2 homes available ::D:


As far as sealing it goes... The wood itself is still in the process of drying out. It was cut off at the base just below the tail (if I ever move to another house it WILL be coming with me) and wedges inserted to give it a bit of separation so it would stop drawing water. Long screws (about a foot long) were used to secure it. While the wood continues to dry out it will crack and split in some areas, some of this you can already see. Most of the cracks will just add character but a few may need to be repaired. So, by next spring the wood should be dry and it will stop moving (splitting/cracking) and should be nice and solid. At that point I'll go in and make any repairs needed and do any touch up work on the paint (I just might know someone with an airbrush). Then I'll seal it up with a good, hard, non-yellowing, high gloss sealer. I've already researched one that's used on the masts of sailboats.

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