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Here are a few handy links to get your Warlord 2 groove on. Most are not too difficult to find, but having it all in one handy spot does make it convenient!


Please note that none of the below links work. Search for dark horse hobbies, they have a Warlord section on their site that has a lot of really cool information.





Data card pdfs by faction

Thank you Vince for compiling these.


Vince actually used the new Army Builder available on Reapergames.com to compile those lists. A very handy new tool for building your own forces. Just note that at this time, it does not validate legal builds. It is a tool to compile all the data cards, special abilities and equipment into a handy reference for game time. You have to know how to build a force legally. At least for now!


As Gus has mentioned, he is going to try to make everything available as one stop shopping on Reapergames.com, but until then this will just have to suffice!


If there is something else you want included here, please PM me, but don't expect anything else until after Gen Con.

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