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Great demo day today


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i brought out my revamped demo armies today 500 points each



4 Justicars




3 templar knights



Celestial Lion



Narg bloodtusk

4 orc spearman

5 orc warriors


Narg Bloodtusk

5 orc spearmen

4 orc warrior






2 archers

2 warriors





3 warriors


4 centaur archers






Dauron book of tactics

3 skellie warriors

2 skellie spears

2 skellie archers


Railor phylactery

2 skellie warriors

2 skellie spears

2 skellie archers


3 burrowing zombies


the first Battle was crusaders vs Reven

Everything looked like it was going for the crusaders when Nhoolyan missed a charge and then got stomped by the lion taking 3 points of damage and doing none back. But a heroic rally by narg two killed the lion and made two tough checks and eventually pushed out the crusaders with 5 orcs to spare.


game two

Necropolis vs Reptus

The only other regular in warlord brought over his reptus had two troops mostly warriors tkay and two archers.

The zombies were the real MVPs here making a gazzilion tough checks one zombie sinlge handedly brought down a reptus captain and two warriors those undead were knocked down almost every turn and kept coming back the reptus eventually killed them but it was too late azarphan and dauron were very lack luster but enough to win the the day

Next time those reptus will have some first strikers


game three

Elves vs Crusaders

the crusaders avenged thier loss against the orcs by really giving it to the elves. Good activations allowed them to kill half the centaurs and the unicorn without taking anything back, and the lion was just ugly killing six elves alone before being gunned down.


All in all it was a great day got 4 people their first game in and had lots of onlookers admiring the minis, reading rules and asking questions

Warlord two got a very warm reception

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