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LoTR '78

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I was able to do some work on the metallics--naturally going for the heavily rusted look.



Here is another close up of the face. The horns are frustrating me--I did my usual prep work removing mold lines, but I am finding on these older sculpts, even the non mold line areas are pretty rough. I am having a hard time getting smooth transitions in some of the spots; the horns are a great example. Ugh! On the flip side, the helmet looks nicely dinged up ::):. Or they may have been sculpted that way, I am blaming the sculptor for my own lack of ability! :devil:



MClimbin--thanks for the opinion; you are right I need to brighten the OSL just a bit nearer the eyes. I'll give it a go, but I anticipate 2 problems. First, this is a smaller (true 25mm I believe) sculpt so I have less room. Secondly, and more challenging, is the sculpt itself. As you can see around the eye (especially in the prelined pic at the start of the thread), there are some crevices that have a tendency to suck the thinned paint down into them. Any thoughts? I'll probably start a thread over at CMoN and ask Master Shawn his opinion, hehe.


Ixminis--thanks for that link! I'll take a peek over there.

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As you can see around the eye (especially in the prelined pic at the start of the thread), there are some crevices that have a tendency to suck the thinned paint down into them. Any thoughts?


You could try using thicker paint, just mixed to exactly the right color (mixing the grey with the red/orange), or you could try using some glaze medium or Reaper brush on sealer to make the glaze more viscous. Or you could try to keep your brush less charged with paint/water by blotting it on a cloth or paper towel before painting. You probably do this already, as it's necessary to do nice glazing, but just do it even more so that there is very little paint/water on your brush before you apply it. It will take several applications, but that's the deal with glazing, I think.


This last one is what Jeremie Bonamont Teboul does, and he's the person I learned it from when he came to SF for some lessons a while ago. I think Olliekickflip wrote a tutorial about using glazes that explained how it worked really well. I'll look around for the link.


By the way, the rusted metal looks great!


Edit: The link is here. It's his tutorial on how to blend, his post #2, the one with the drawing. He's describing how to avoid paint rings, but using the same technique will allow you to avoid pooling too.


One more thing about your orcy's eyes: you might want to make the eyes the brightest spot on the face. The fact that the teeth are brighter than the eyes does two things: it takes away from the "glowing" effect of the eyes, and it also attracts the viewer's eye. It's up to you, though. Maybe I'm going into too much detail here, let me know if I'm becoming annoying. :poke:

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I agree that the OSL effect could be enhanced a little with a bit of brightening close to the eyes, but I definitely understand the risk you're talking about & am not sure if I'd be up for tempting it either.


But if I were... I find adding a bit of matte medium helps to thicken the paint up a bit, while maintaining the transparency achieved by thinning. I've only tried using Liquitex's version - trying to make a glaze that would stay put instead of running into the cracks - but that stuff is thick enough that I did have some success with it despite the instructions on the bottle saying ie. 'do not use for glazes'. This might help you avoid having the risk of additional OSL highlights getting sucked into the recesses, but you'd have to do a bit of playing around with the ratios of medium/h20/paint to find the right consistency for you. YMMV...


If you think it's too risky, IMO you could definitely leave it as-is & be proud of what you've done here; it's looking great so far, especially given the relatively crude sculpt you're working with. Love that rusty metal!



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I think this mini shows that m,etallics are very convincing when painted to look dirty, as we were talking about, Jab. That spearhead is ace, really great weathering. In my opinion, the OSL around the eyes looks good, and I'd leave it if you think adding more will create problems. Keep it up, and know that I sympathize about the rough casting on the old figs. It's a nightmare.

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Nearly done--really just some basing to do. I'll gladly take any critiques at this point, although I have to admit my enthusiasm is waning... ::):.


I brightened the eyes and trying to do some additional OSL red nearer the eyes. It's subtle, but I think you can see it on the pics. The horns were redone with RMS bone triad and some VGC Charred Brown (?) for the lines. The teeth and nails were dirtied up as well--thanks everyone for that suggestion; a definite improvement. I shaded and highlighted the spearshaft and tunic. Finally, I added a bit of freehand stitching (best seen in the back picture) for some more visual interest.







I'll be out of town until next Monday, but hopefully I be able to find access to the 'net. No painting, though <_< .

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Love the stiching, as everyone else has said. I think the tunic could use one more highlight level and just a tad more shadow too. That would set it off from the belt a little better.


Your spearhead rocks. I love the rust effect. The haft is a bit bland though and looks nearly the same shade as the tunic.


...but the darklining looks fine. :)



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