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Another FLGS closes.

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If it makes you owners of FLGS's feel any better, my friends and I campaigned for almost a month to get the local shop's owner to set up an account with Spartan Games to get us Uncharted Seas. This way we can give him our money instead of an online-only retailer.


With the exception of two people (One of whom is my brother), everyone I currently play anything with on a regular basis I have met through his shop. Some of them have become very good friends. One of us got married this summer, and every member of the groom's wedding party he had met through the shop. If the shop ever closed, the gaming communiity in this area would be devastated. But they've made it longer than ten years now, even surviving a hurricane which tore the roof off the shop only a few months after it opened. The owner has even stated that on 9/11/01, every single one of his regular customers at the time stopped in to make some sort of community connection. That's the kind of stuff you're not going to get from an online retailer.

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I don't purchase any miniature online at all. I go to my FLGS which happens to be Source Comics and Cards in Roseville, MN. Great place, great staff, fantastic selection. From comics and action figures, to miniatures, board games, DVDs, CDs, Novels and a very nice area to game in. Wish I worked there. I'd do their advertising. The same guy owns a used and OOP book store called Uncle Sven's. He only deals in books there. Another great place. Wouldn't shop anywhere else.

They have been open since before I moved to MN and that was 10 years ago back in March.

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