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That thing would be a pure joy to paint! It just looks so full of ickiness and evil and power. I think that's my favorite Beholder yet.


Statistically, this guy is brilliant! Such a cool way to translate a Mindflayer into Warlord. What can you do against him?? With Unhindered and Warshooter, even basing him doesn't slow him down. And since he's on a large base your rank and file won't block Line of Sight. He can rip apart one of your soldiers with the gribbly grobbly maw of his, then zap four more nearby models. Thuusia and D'Kul are naturals for boosting this guy, with the spell Barrage. Imagine 4 RAV 6 3" AOE shots! Disgusting! Talk about a game winner! I can just see the look on some Overlords player's face when his ENTIRE band of Bondslaves get shredded by a single Ranged Attack phase.... beautiful!

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Well the Bathalians are that cool. As for Reaper's take on Mindflayers, they are more developed than the same ole' same ole' squiddies I've known for thirty years.


As I've oft repeated, I gave Reaper some hard knocks for what I thought was a D&D knockoff, but they have come up with some new and original twists on the genre.


An Eye Beast or Beholder Warlord is right up my alley. I plan on buying him and the Primarch, a few more Exarchs, and some Centurions and that's my army. I've got D'Khul already. Mwahahahahaha.

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After the long wait, I'm so happy to see that the eye tyrant has a sculpt worth his Warlord status. Love it.


The Arcane spell Barrage on this guy is a MUST. It is awesome watching him just carve holes into enemy lines from 12"s away. Toss on Flaming Arrows and this light up the enemy with fire. Love this figure and I'm glad I won't have to proxy anymore.

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