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New kid here. Hi.

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Hello all. Wanted to introduce myself. I'm not new to reaper, but I am new to the warlord game er r.a.g.e. system for it. I just put in an order for the 2nd edition rules book at FRP. Now i need to find a victim *coughcough* I mean Friend to play with.


I couldn't figure out the search for fellow members thing this thread talked about: http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=17615

but I'm not search savvy in this forum yet so maybe it's the noob I got all over me still.


Anyway howdie all. I look forward to posting pics of my attempt at paint jobs on the figures for warlord and chattin with ya'll.


If anyone is in the San Jose, California area and can tolerate 38 year old noob to Warlord, gimme a hollar.

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Over on my home forums, we've got regional sections where people can post anywhere in the world for games. I'd love to see a section on here that is for RAGE gamers. You could indicate Warlord, or CAV, or both, where you live, etc. etc.


It's a dang sight better than some frappr ones I've seen, and we've pulled off some big events for our community this way.

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I'm leaning toward Necropolis because vampires are just cool (and vampire women are hot). But ALL of the factions look viable and fun to play. I got into it by buying a copy of first edition rules for 10 bucks from an flgs going out of business. I haven't played yet. I can't find anyone local.


I used to be heavy into Mage Knight. Quick fast paced skirmish style table top battle. Warlord, from what I've gathered so far, could be the replacement addiction I've been looking for for so long now. Even better is there's no clicky base AND I get quality metal figs. Plastic just doesn't do enough damage when you throw them at your opponent (jk... I'd only do that if the paint job sucked) (ok, no, not even then, I'm only keeeeding)

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