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Dungeon Bash Battle Report

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We came, we saw, we played Warlord. It was a four way battle in the close confines of the underground. Reptus, Elves, Darkspawn, and Crusaders. 750 points. Elf and Crusader players were playing for the first time. Well, Crusader had played one partner game, but that doesn't count! Not until you general your own army 100% can you say you played Warlord.

I took pictures, but they seem huge. The first one is 920K. That's probably too large for the forum. The camera also took a 15K pic at the same time as sort of a email thumbnail or something. That seems too small to make out anything on a 4'x4' table. How can I squeeze my pics down in size? And how do I post them? I click the button on here and it wants a url. Do I have to upload these to another website first? I can't report on the battle without pics. It won't do!

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I took pictures, but they seem huge. The first one is 920K. That's probably too large for the forum. The camera also took a 15K pic at the same time as sort of a email thumbnail or something. That seems too small to make out anything on a 4'x4' table. How can I squeeze my pics down in size? And how do I post them? I click the button on here and it wants a url. Do I have to upload these to another website first? I can't report on the battle without pics. It won't do!

I use photobucket.com. Quick and easy. There may be other sites out there that are better, but Photobucket works for me so I haven't tried looking elsewhere. You just upload your pictures using their upload button. Just like opening a file on your hard disk. Once it's on the site, it has a url. By scrolling over the picture with your mouse (or just under, I never remember) a couple lines appear, one of which is a url. Copy that text, then go to the forum, click the picture button, and paste the text. Blam, you're done! It will even scale down large pictures and give viewers the option of scaling them back up if they choose. You could also click the link button and just link directly to your photobucket page that has the picture.


Can't wait to see the pics!

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WOO HOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




That game last night was AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!!! I had a total blast playing the dungeon crawl last night. As amazing as this sounds, it has been 4 years since Warwick and I have had a dungeon crawl like this. We still talk about that epic battle all those years ago, and this battle totally lived up to its ancestor!!


We were all fielding all kinds of crazy armies that never see the light of day in our little Warlord circle. Warwick whipped out the Reptus. Mark attempted to play Elves. :devil: Matthew tried out the Crusaders. And I, of course, played the Darkspawn. What? Not the Dwarves? Of course not. Tee hee hee...:devil:


I don't remember all of the army lists exactly, but I'll do my best to give you what they were. We were playing 750 point armies, with a 5 turn limit max. Whoever had the most kills in total points at the end of the 5 turns was the winner! We were all proxying like the big dogs that we are, and I will attempt to put down what the proxy models were so that when Warwick puts in pictures you'll be tell what you are looking at. ::):


Wild Bill's Army

Rauthuros (Griffon)

Mastema (Uru)

Maugrathoth (Earth Elemental)

3 Demon Warriors (mostly naked Dwarves with 'fros :lol:)



Maladorn (Stone Spirit)


Luck Stone


Mark's Army

Raynor, Blademaster (Clan War guy)

Niriodel (Clan War chick w/purple on her)

3 Blademasters (Clan War guys holding swords straight up in air)

3 Longthorns (Clan War spearmen)



Silvermaine (Random pewter horse)


Selwyn (Clan War archer chick)

Peruhain (Buff looking dude wearing only pants)

3 Vale Archers (Clan War archers)

5 Vale Swordsmen (Clan War guys with long swords)


Mossbeard (Grave Horror)


Matthew's Army

Kristianna (Herself)

2-3 Nuns (Don't know)

2-3 Justicars (Don't know)


Sister Majeda (Herself)

3 Nuns (Themselves)

3 Justicars (Dwarf Berserkers)


Uriel (Herself)


Warwick's Army



River Troll

5 Warriors



5 Warriors (I think)


All of Warwick's models were used with To-tanem models. Chai'uut's unit was painted blue. The other unit was a different color I don't remember. :wacko:


Random Thoughts

1) Poor Mark. His legendary inability to roll the dice effectively reared its ugly head last night. :down: I think he had like 27 shots at Rauthuros with his archers (no joke!) and hit 3 times. And no, he didn't need 10s the whole time either!


2) I ended up killing the most number of models, thanks to squishy Elves. I got the first init card of the game and managed to pull off the Summon Demon "daisy-chain" trick around the corner of the dungeon and pinned the majority of Mark's army into its starting room with Rauthuros and a Demon Warrior. I waded through all of those guys by the end of the game. However, the point of the game was to collect victory points, not number of models. While I'm julienning Elves, Warwick is busy killing off Uriel, Kristianna and Mossbeard. :grr::lol:


3) That Summon thing for the Demons is brutal. In a scenario like we played, since I got to activate first, it completely hosed Mark's game. If I had gone somewhere in the middle, it would have been a totally different outcome! I can't imagine playing a game with a scenario like a token grab. I wouldn't lose!! :blink:


4) Wow, do Vale Archers suck! They definitely aren't worth their 33 points. If you Rapid Shot with them, they now have RAV 2?!? Dang, that's pretty harsh. Against most targets you'll need like 8s to hit. Blah. Mark was commenting that he's most likely not fielding them again!


5) Rauthuros's WA is SWEET! He now has one attack with an MAV 9 when he charges. :wub: Now I just to give him a Magic Weapon so he autohits almost every model in the game at that point with MAV 10. Watch out if you are wounded! Then Bloodlust kicks in for MAV 11!! :devil:


6) :lol: Matthew decided that he would suicide charge his Nuns into Warwick's Reptus and use Martyr. If he killed one of the Reptus, awesome! But, by Martyring himself, he denied Warwick the points!! :lol:


Despite Mark getting pinned, he claimed he had a good time. If he had actually rolled normal (he like failed with 5 different guys in the same troop to charge Rauthuros), then he would have probably taken down Rauthuros instead of Warwick doing it at the end. Yes, that evil evil Warwick snatched victory from me. E-vile Monkey!! :lol: At the end of the game, I only had Maladorn and my 3 Warriors remaining against a good portion of Warwick's army. Yes, both Mark and Matthew had been eliminated from the game. If we had continued to the bitter end, I'm confident that Warwick would have stood tall. :down:


All in all, it was a blast playing in the dungeon last night! :wub: Now we need to come up with our next epic battle for next week! :lol:


Wild Bill :blues:

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so three archers (99 points) wounding rauthuros (244 points) 3 times (out of a total 6 damage tracks) means the archers aren't worth their points? I don't see the problem. Great to hear you guys had a fun battle though.

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This is beginning of turn one. Reptus have split up, with Chia Uut, T'Kay, a Troll, and five warriors on the left and Audt, Nai-Khanon, and five warriors on the right. Eleves have Mossbeard and Silvermane at the bottom, and the rest deplyed at the top room. Demons deploy a single model, planning on the daisy chain. Crusaders have Kristianna with Battle Nuns in the bottom room, and Majeda with Nuns and Justicars in the top room.

Turn one: We see some action as the demons daisy chain and stomp the living guts out of the Elves, who are pinned inside their deploy room by teleporting demons. In the lower right corner, the Crusaders attack the Reptus. They summon the angel, who promptly dies, but takes out Nai-Khanon with him. Mossbeard and Silvermane begin the march to aid their buddies. Chai Uut also heads that way to help take down the big threat of the game, the daisy chain demons. A unit of Crusaders in the upper right also head for the big fight. The Troll runs off by himself. End turn 1.


Begin Turn Two


Turn two: In the upper left corner, Elves hold off total slaughter because the close walls defy the big-based demons from killing more than a few models each turn. But kill they do and the elves start making peace with their gods. Silvermane and Mossbeard are knocking on the door with Chai Uut close behind. In the lower right corner, the angel gets brought back and hides to regenerate. Battle Nuns leap into the fray against the Reptus Warriors, dealing damage but falling to Defensive Strikes. Troll charges the Crusader archers and eats one.


Begin Turn Three


Turn Three: In the upper left corner, the demons keep eating Elves, but have taken a few wounds for the effort. Mossbeard suddenly turns around and Tramples through the Reptus who were tailgating him. He doesn't count on how tough Reptus Warriors are and the tree is felled in the process of trampling. Ouch. Silvermane also dies. It's a bad turn for Elves. Crusaders arrive and there is some quiet pondering on who will attack who, demons or Reptus or Crusader? It's a 3-way stare off until next turn. In the lower right corner the Troll is forgotten so he just picks his nose and the archer remains alive. Kristianna proves to be more than a pretty face and takes no wounds from the Reptus attacks. She doesn't do any damage, though. Angel prepares to enter the fray.


Begin Turn Four


Turn Four: Crusaders go first and charge Reptus and demons. Battle Nuns martyr for some extra punch and to deny Warwick victory points. All but one Justicar is slain in the brawl. Reptus are in good shape. Demons devour the last of the Elves and Mark is out of the game. It's now demons facing off against Reptus...with a lone Justicar between them! You could see the sweat popping off the model. In the lower right corner, the Angel rushes in and goes down swinging. And Kristianna stands alone but unharmed. The Reptus grow worried about this seemingly untouchable woman warrior. Troll eats an archer.


Begin Turn Five


Turn Five: Demons bite off Justicar's head. Reptus get in close with Rathurous and bring him down. He was a bit sleepy, having eaten the entire Elf army last turn. Kristianna finally takes some hits and goes down. Matthew is out of the game. And that's all she wrote.


Final Notes: Warwick won the game by points, taking out several really costly models, like Mossbeard and Rathurous. Wildbill killed the most models by far with his daisy chain demons. Matthew had a good game. Poor Mark got pinned down and killed a single demon model. Daisy chain hurts.

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Mark's Army

Silvermaine (Random pewter horse)



And if the elves would have gotten 1st initiative, and had a Unicorn, you could have removed that 1 darkspawn from the board, ending the Darkspawn right then & there! ::D:



Oh, but he did, and it didn't happen. So, there. ::P:

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Hey folks,


Matthew from the above mentioned game. Short-time reader first time poster. The dungeon brawl was flippin' Ca-Razy. Like Warwick and Wildbill posted - Mark got seriously hosed with his dice. He needs to head down to New Orleans and consult a witch doctor about why someone would put such a bad voodoo whammy on them. Come to think of it, since they WERE Wildbill's dice and I did hear this weird tribal music comming from his car when he pulled in.....


Anyways, here is the official list if anyone is interested.



3x Battle Nuns

3x Ivy Crown Archers

Book of Tactics


Sister Majeda

2x Battle Nuns

3x Justicars




and a Luck Stone


Started off fairly well with getting Uriel into B2B with one of Warwicks reptus troops, killing off his Captain and wounding the Sgt before he fell. The one thing I should have done differently was I waited to attack the demons (the first two turns I single moved only) HOPING that Mark would atleast put some wounds on them before I evilly swooped in and tried to pick off the remnants. But alas, Wildbill's dice were hot and Marks were not. So that entire troop turned into a points denial strategy. I was hoping to take some more models with them but alas it was not to be. I think I did manage to kill a single demon though.

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