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Warlord data cards


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dog boy rocks. and I soo hope that will be the case for the


cards. I have a bunch of POP's and plan on buying all the blister dragons tommorrow.


I vote for the whole set of cards. charge about 50 points worth.


i'll take a bunch :p  :love:


GAWWWD i love this forum


you actually get "REAL"  TRUTHFUL feedback from the big wigs


unlike a certain clickable fantasy game that likes to reuse their sculpts for 3 set straight and rehash the same ole ####.

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But Matt, wouldn't the ones in the beta PDF fit on a playing card too?


Hey, I've just had an idea.... like the CAV Playing cards, but Warlord Playing Cards, with a Data Card on each one but still the little dots or somethng somewhere (perhaps the othe side, though that might lead to 'Char counting' :o)) so they can still be used for poker/blackjack etc. You could have 'Light' and 'Dark' instead of Red and Black.... yeah that'd work.


I can see it now.... "You've only got a Pair of Ragers and a Shaman, where as I've got Malek, Naomi and Askcrypt... I win"



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