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Blood Angels Honour Guard Space Marine


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hey Reaper people...


i feel kinda bad showin' a Space Marine here, but i guess any company's minis are accepted in this forum...


while i'm waiting for my next few minis to arrive for Dragonblood, i'm tryin' to finish up some of the partially painted minis sittin' around...

first off, i don't play any games, i just paint...

my selection of work is pretty random, but Space Marines are my favorites...

i'm workin' on speedin' up my basic quality for commissions, and this guy is a sample of that...

there's a few thing i could have done better, but i'm sick of lookin' at this guy...


here's the pics, and a brief description after:









this mini was painted entirely with P3 paints, from Privateer Press...

it's interesting to see how GW paint schemes turn out with another make of paints...

i think the density of the pigment in P3 lends itself well to the comicbook style of painting...


this is the first time that i've tried highlighting up to yellow, on red, and then glazin' it back down with ink...

not really my style, but it's fun to have a little spare time to experiment...


he's up on coolmini if ya care to vote:




thanks for lookin'...




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