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What to paint next?

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With so many new figs from GenCon, I'm having trouble deciding on what to do after Bruce the Hero. So here's a list, tell me what you'd most like to see.


Inquisitor, Malvernis (Reaper)

Elladan (Reaper)

Logan, Dwarf Warlord (Reaper)

Tiefling Paladin [not real name] (Reaper)

Ridley Darkedge (Reaper)

Brom, Hard Bark (Enigma)

Lathiem, Oak Leaf (Enigma)

Thorvin (Enigma)

Tyrion Lannister 54mm (Dark Sword)



Don't be afraid to vote for non reaper! I have the next 7 days free, so a WIP will be up. Please toss in your opinion!

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Wow, I'm super pissed right now. I just went to prep the lich king, and learned that there's only one arm in the packaging, when there's supposed to be 2. I think I'll email cmon, but for the time being, please vote on another piece. If no one votes by this evening I'll just pick and that's no fun. Sorry folks, my greenstuff skills aren't up to sculpting a new arm. So votevotevotevote please. I really want your input.

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