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D&D Giants?


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I got rid of all my D&D books years ago, when I switched to GURPS for my fantasy RPGing, so I was wondering if one of you D&D players could answer a question for me.


With the upcoming relaease of the Frost Giant figure by Reaper I was trying to remember the unique coloring of giants in D&D. I remember that Fire Giants were black skinned with red or orange hair, but what about the other varieties (Hill, Stone, Frost, Cloud, etc.)? Did they have special colors for their hair or skin, too?



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Hill giants have tanned skin and brown hair or maybe black, nothing particularly special.

Stone giants are bald and have stone grey skin.

Frost giants are light-blue-skinned with white or maybe blonde hair.

Cloud giants have even lighter blue skin and maybe silver or blue hair (not entirely sure on the hair).

Storm giants have either bluish-green or purple skin with darker blue or green hair.


For those last three, there was traditionally a slight range of colorations with each one, and a lot of similarities between the coloring of the three races, so aside from the huge height differences the main visual indicators of race would mostly be suggested by the particular tint of blue rather than three separate colors.

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The pics are nice, but the one with the fire, Storm and Frost giants really show off how small many of D&D's so called "giants" are.


I doubt I am the only one who feels this way, a few times I have noticed D&D artists drawing giants as much larger than the MM calls for…






Even some of the sculptors agree with me giants should be bigger than their 1E sizes. the 3E Box set hill giant was huge more or less. The DDM hill giant was smaller than the harbinger ogre IIRC. The DDM Hill giant barbarian was a nice size IMHO ...for an ogre!


Reaper wise, I have two of blorg mudstump, who is almost big enough. The Reaper frost giant is of nice size. That newer Popeye'd Armed hill giant was not my cup of tea.


I do like the Eldritch Giant from 3.5 MMIII. The art implies height very well with the fog only reaching the giant's knee. The plastic mini is pretty good and it really fills out it's 3" base. Still kinda cheaply available.





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In 4e giants have taken on much more elemental roles. They have also paired each type of giant with a Titan. I liked this idea so much, that I've based my campaign around it.


Hill Giants/Earth Titan:



Fire Giant/ Fire Titan:



Frost Giant / Ice Titan:



Stone Giant/ Titan:



Storm Giant/ Titan:



Death Giant/Titan:



Edritch Giant/Titan:


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