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Picked up a bottle of fire red at the flgs today, it was sort of clumpy but I mixed in a bit of chestnut brown and basecoated the hair. I shaded with pure chestnut and highlighted with vmc lemon yellow up to linen white. Still need to darkline the eyebrows. IMAGE DUMP





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Nice color variety on the hair.


The tattoo on the arm is a nice add of color to break it up.


Who is Lawgiver person? He must be new. :poke:



Our local Warlord group fell apart with the 1.1 & 1.2 2007 updates to the rules/stats and no one wanted anything to do with the game. It kind of killed my interest in the Reaper forums because of the depressing reminder of the fact that I had a few hundred dollars in minis that no one wanted to play with. Stubbdog got me interested in the 2.0 rewrite. Our playtesting went well and now I've managed to get the group's back together, so the 2 year sabbatical comes to an end and your torture by my presence is renewed.

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Huge update, with 4 pics. He's not yet done, but I've attached him to the base. Angle could use some tweaking, let me know what yall think. Still need to do the top of the axes, but I'm very pleased with the hammer heads, and the composition in general. Still need to darken the tat also. I just couldn't resist attaching him. Please critique and comment!



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Sooo cool! I really like the hair color and the gemwork is excellent. The eyebrows are nicely bushy ::):. The gold NMM in most spots is dead on (horn, knees, and axehead), but seems a bit off on the handles comparatively. I'm not quite sure what it is; I think the highlights may be a touch too broad(?) or perhaps the handle in the left hand (second pic) doesn't pop enough. It looks more orange-y than the other gold bits, at least on my monitor. The base looks great as well--I'd like to see some closeups of that.

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