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We're all DOOMED!


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Isn't the sun doomed to die as a red giant and take us with it well before that? Like in 5 billion years? Liquid water only has about a billion years to go on this planet, also, if I understand it correctly.


That's exactly right. Within 1 billion years, the Sun will have increased its brightness to a point that will push the so-called "Goldilocks Zone" further outwards, rendering the Earth uninhabitable.


5 billion years from now, having used up its supply of hydrogen fuel, the Sun will fuse helium into carbon in an effort to keep itself going. The increased temperature and pressure required for this will cause the Sun to bloat and expand, engulfing Mercury, Venus, and perhaps Earth. 100 million years hence, the Sun will shed its atmosphere in a relatively gentle (cosmically speaking) manner, leaving behind a white dwarf, a stellar remnant made up of mainly carbon about the size of the Earth, but very dense. So dense that a teaspoon of its matter would weigh several tons.


By the time Earth's geological engine slows down, we'll have already been through a lot worse.


Mmm, talk dirty some more...............

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