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September Roll Call

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Wow. I actually finished my list from last month so now I need to figure out what's on the table this month.


Mega Mini chickens (and I need to find 4 that escaped onto my paint table)

2 reptus sergeants



Those are only the things I really, really want to get done. There's a whole line behind them if I actually paint faster than I have been lately.

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Well, I'm still working on my August figures (go figure ::D:) as I am slow, slow, slow.


So... I will endeavor to:


Finish the 3 witchling stalkers presently in production (bases finished and all 3 basecoated, shaded down and highlights now in progress)

Finish the Rackham goblin simply because he's based, basecoated, and pre-lined.


Then I'll try to either get my Kvothe project done (using a converted Liriel Silverlocks) or else a Lord Ironraven I have primed or else whatever happens to distract me from everything else. You know... Oooo, shiney! ::D:

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my goal is to finish:


my entire infinity nomads army

logan battlefury

and my ragon for my lupine entry for the paint contest at my flgs


the hardest part will be not stripping my infinity figs for a fourth time! i either don't like the way the colors come out or the primer messes up because of humidity

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I finished Bud and the Billy Brothers and the dwarf wizard from last month, so that was good, but the queue keep getting longer.... ::(:


So, Judas and Elspeth and a bunch of elves for Warlord. I'd like to get them all prepped and basecoated at least.


But the main thing is to finish a dragon diorama that has been sitting around waiting for me to tweak the base.

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I finished one small diorama for Gen Con last month, so now I need to get back to a certain red dragon that is long overdue. If time permits, there are still some skeletons rattling around my workbench and a couple of Julie Guthrie Grenadier pieces 'just for fun'. I am also restarting sculpting practice and may have a day out for a workshop later in the month. My goal there is to actually finish one figure, finalize the concept art for another piece, and practice something besides tree stumps. :upside:

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:) More Orks... The 1.5 year break I took in the middle of it is compelling me to get them done.


  • Ork Trukk -- almost done, some touch up and need to paint the gunner
  • 12 lootas -- partially painted
  • 8 tankbusters all assembled -- except the ones that fell apart
  • Big Mek w/Kustom Force Field


After that? I want to work on the photography thing, I have some Trollbloods (never done any P.Press before), I'd like to do a stegadon for a friend, some CSM, Rat Ogres & Plague monks, oh, and I will start grad school next week.


Who knows!

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3 Chaos Dwarf Man 'O War fliers

02629: Jade Star, Female Monk

1 VOID character with standard

50013: Willy Brassbender

The lady from Townsfolk II


And, if I get through all that, I'd like to get some progress on:


03020: Barak, Rhino Man

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I have two more of my Skull Pass Dwarfs to do then I'm done with them.


After that, I'm not sure. I may paint up a mess of HeroQuest orcs I found in a box recently. A friend of mine pre-ordered the new Space Hulk and I offerend to paint the figs for him, but he may want to do it himself.


I also have a GW LOTR Balrog primed and ready, plus Mathrangul, but those aren't really speed paints.

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