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September Roll Call

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Very productive day at the New England Paint Day: 4 hours driving, 5.5 hours painting kabitzing, 1.5 hours playing Warlord.






Overlord Warrior x3




Andras, Overlord Captain- cloak base coated


Overlord Warrior- cloak base coated


Overlord Crossbowman- cloak base coated

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Kyra and Lavarath are ready for assembly, just waiting for me to be bothered with mixing up some epoxy. May just watch Ironman instead (yeah, I still haven't seen it) and do it tomorrow night. Gotta figure out how I'm going to do the base as well. I'm currently stuck between natural wood, lava flow, or standard hill.

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No time, no progress. ::(:


I feel your pain!


I started a master's program last week. I dropped out of the 40k tournament this coming weekend that I was painting in preparation for. Since school started, I put some greenstuff in some gaps on a spare ogre model and base-coated his skin and nothing else.

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  • Finish up the Wolf Pack I have
  • Fairytale Diorama (Contest) of Little Red Riding Hood
  • Gwendolyn the Healer


Arg, I ended up turning Lysette into scraps -_- I don't know what happened. I know prior to priming her there were some abnormalities in the figure itself. I converted her (sword hand -> open hand) and was so proud of it, however, there were "rough-holey" blemishes in the hardest places to reach on her, the folds in her dress.


Ah well. I'm going to paint her someday; until then I can focus on getting the rest done :) I guess it's kinda a good thing that I won't be as pressed for time??

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I didn't even list anything for this month. I spent most of my free time for the last month and some either pouring Hirst molds or assembling stuff. I'm starting to try and work at least 15 minutes a day on my stuff, but that's only going to slow the rate of increase, since I just added:


2 boxes of Lootas/Burnas + 1 box of boyz (so, enough to make 10 lootas and 10 burnas)

1 Ork trukk


I am also trading off some old Epic stuff (which hasn't been included in any "To Do" list of mine for almost twenty years) for some DBA armies. And I have three boxes of Wargames Factory Ceasar's Legions (and 48 figs/box!), so I am really falling behind.


For terrain, I am trying to get one fieldstone arena and two of the basic SF sets. They're all assembled, so it's on to the painting for them.

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