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September Roll Call

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And I'm going to say I met my goals early!


I'm not worried about the barmaid because that deadline changed.


But the Reptus and the chickens all got done.


If the weather holds tomorrow I'll be able to prime up a bunch of minis and really get a head start on next month.

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3 Chaos Dwarf Man 'O War fliers

02629: Jade Star, Female Monk

1 VOID character with standard

50013: Willy Brassbender - Done!

The lady from Townsfolk II - In Progress, though on second thought I don't think she's a 'lady' at all.

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  • Finish up the Wolf Pack I have

  • Fairytale Diorama (Contest) of Little Red Riding Hood

  • Gwendolyn the Healer


I will post pictures of my diorama when I get it back, I dropped it off at the store today :) I'm quite proud of myself! I got everything I wanted done, done with a tiny bit of time to spare. I guess it's an early start for October's goodies :)

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At the beginning of the month:

I finished one small diorama for Gen Con last month, so now I need to get back to a certain red dragon that is long overdue. If time permits, there are still some skeletons rattling around my workbench and a couple of Julie Guthrie Grenadier pieces 'just for fun'. I am also restarting sculpting practice and may have a day out for a workshop later in the month. My goal there is to actually finish one figure, finalize the concept art for another piece, and practice something besides tree stumps. :upside:



Skeletons and 'just for fun' were returned to 'The Vault'. Sculpting practice and workshop were preempted by real life and extensions of the day job. Made very little progress on Red, just as noted last weekend and a couple of hours yesterday.


Looking ahead:

For the remainder of September and much of October, Red will occupy almost all of my limited painting time. Add a new commission: Grenadier's Imperial Dragon of the Eleven Celestial Dynasties, another super-sized project weighing in at around 2.5 to 3 lbs of metal. This is for a friend to give his wife for her birthday, November 7. We've talked about it, though, and he knows it may become a Christmas gift after all. So, if I can squeeze in a Halloween entry or two, I will, but there's nothing on my radar for it, yet.

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