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What you mean to me....

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Something that I wrote last night on a whim...


What you mean to me.


By Michael Pageau



You are the first thing that comes into my head as I sip my morning coffee. It’s like a tune that spins in small circles. With every erythematic turning stretches my lips and then makes a curl. Before I know it I am smiling and the minutes have drifted past. Coffee is now only warm but how could this be so for I thought I just poured it. Even as I look at the clock and know I am running late this is ok because I still have thoughts of you. As I shower I play out the day when will talk or just sit together. As I know that you are around, you make my heart beats faster to the point where I need to move or my chest will burst. My legs and feet feel restless. My energy increases I find that I am dancing for no reason. I finally regain control of what ever control is there to be gotten and proceed with the day. But you are always there. If I loose myself in thought I am sure to be cast back into the grinning and dancing fool that I just was. But this somehow seems ok.


I talk with you and I am constantly looking for a gentle smile or laugh. This is what nourishes me. Comforts me. This is the zenith of my day. Everything is alright. Even as you leave I am still high with thoughts of you. But there is this now a tugging of my heart string. Like a swimmer diving deep into the water I feel the need to be at the top again. I proceed with the day waiting for our next meeting. But this can not come soon enough. I will come to you in heart beat but this is not now. You have your time and I have mine. I will wait impatiently for the day that the time will become, our time….

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