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Sorry if these are covered elsewhere, but Im asking anyway.


1. Blessing: If 2 spellcasters are in the same troop, and 1 of them casts blessing, the other wouldn't get the benefit of the spell for his own spell cast that activation, right?


2. Pike: Is the pike ability triggered on a charge, or on a charge with an attack?


3. AOE Spells: If an AOE spell goes off, and a flyer is in the Area, would it too get affected? Same for Burrowing.


4. If a model has cleave, or pierce, and needs to roll 3 greater than the targets DV, does a natural 10 automatically trigger it? Example: A model has cleave with MAV of 6, its target has DV of 14. So it would need an 8 to hit, or an 11 to cleave. Since rolling an 11 on a D10 is impossible, does that mean it has no chance to cleave its target, or would rolling a natural 10 trigger cleave?


5. Thought of this one late. Related to #3, can a figure that is flying be a target of chain lightning if all the other models are on the ground? I guess same for burrowing on this one, too.


Thanks for the help.

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1) No the casting happens simultaniously. This also means you can't delay declaring what the 2nd mage does until you've seen the result of the 1st mage's attempt.

2) Charge with attack. Simply charging doesn't provoke defensive strikes.

3) Good question, I'd have to go through the rules more carefully before having an answer for you on that one, though I do seem to recall that you can't attack burrowed models unless you're using a form of attack that doesn't need LOS.

4) The rule doesn't mention auto 10's at all, so no, you wouldn't trigger Cleave/Pierce

5) Does chain lightning require LOS between targets or just base distance? The answer to that question will also answer your question.

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